How to download photos from Instagram

Instagram does not offer its users direct download of the content hosted on its servers. For this reason it is necessary to use third-party applications to perform this action. Unfortunately, these types of applications tend to disappear or change their name over time. So, in this guide, we’re going to show you how to download any Instagram image, including the ones you’ve uploaded, using a simple Telegram-based trick.

The first step is to find the image you want to download. Then tap on the three dots at the top.

Image options menuImage options menu

Now tap share.

Send the post to another appSend the post to another app

Search in the menu that appears Telegram and select it.

Share the picture with TelegramShare the picture with Telegram

Now tap Saved Messagesto send yourself an Instagram post. You should know that this trick also works if you send the picture to someone else.

Chat for saved messagesChat for saved messages

Confirm the sending by tapping the Send button.

Confirm sendingConfirm sending

Now go to the conversation”Saved Messages” or to the one you sent the content to and tap the three dots above the image. Then use the Save to Gallery option to download the file.

Submit the image to the gallerySubmit the image to the gallery

At this point, the photo is in your device’s local storage and you can view it in your gallery, resend it, or take a backup to the cloud, in services like Google Photos. This simple process allows us to save as many images as we want. There are no restrictions whatsoever, apart from the fact that it is impossible to download multiple images at the same time.

On the other hand, if you all Download your images you can do so at the following address: Sign in to Instagram and enter your email address. Within 48 hours you will receive a confirmation of your request with the link to download all your content.

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