How to download whatsapp status updates with and without apps

There is no official way to download WhatsApp status updates. But that doesn’t mean the task isn’t doable. In fact, it’s relatively easy to do once you know the right process or have the right app to do it.

How to Download Whatsapp Status Messages Without Installing Apps

The best way to download a WhatsApp status is through the native file explorer. To do this, however, we must make one clarification. The folder you need to access is hidden. It is therefore necessary that the browser used allows the display of hidden files. If you don’t have this feature, you should use alternatives like Total Commander.

In our case we were able to use the built-in explorer. First let you see the status you want to download. Thereby you force WhatsApp to store them on internal storage. Next, navigate to the path in your device’s storage /WhatsApp/Media/. There you will find the folder .Statuses see. click on it.

Folder with status messages in ExplorerFolder with status messages in Explorer

There you will find the files that your contacts have uploaded to their statuses.

Show all files with status messagesShow all files with status messages

Copy them to any other folder or upload them to the cloud to create a backup. It is also possible to use them in other apps such as Telegram or Twitter.

How to download WhatsApp status updates with SnapTube

If you don’t get along with the above method, it’s also possible to download WhatsApp status updates using Snaptube.

Again, before you download the content, you must view it on WhatsApp first. Then tap on the Snaptube home screen View all sites.

View all Snaptube download optionsView all Snaptube download options

Then tap on the WhatsApp icon.

Select WhatsApp in SnaptubeSelect WhatsApp in Snaptube

Finally, select the image or video that you want to download.

Download status message filesDownload status message files

To view the files downloaded with Snaptube, you need to go to the folder snaptube go to your internal storage. in the Downloaddirectory you will find all downloaded content from WhatsApp status messages. From there you can of course move them somewhere else or upload them to the cloud if you wish.

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