How to earn money from Instagram? 2022

This platform, which used to be able to earn money only for famous people or very large pages, now allows normal people to earn through certain methods.

Here are the ways to make money on Instagram:

● Monetization on IGTV

● Make Money By Selling Products

● Make Money by Advertising

● Earning Money by Selling Followers, Likes, Comments (For detailed information, you can go to and write “instagram money” in the search section.)

As can be expected Instagram monetization methods require great effort. You should apply these methods regularly. Over time, you will see that you can get the amounts you want.

1.Making Money on IGTV

You can send a maximum of 1 minute videos with a normal share on Instagram. However, thanks to the Instagram TV, known as IGTV feature, which was added to the platform later, you can now upload videos over 1 minute. It also has a monetization feature.

You will earn certain revenues according to the number of interactions of your videos and if people watch 15-second ads thanks to your videos . However, the video you will upload must be original, just like on youtube.

No revenue is generated from stagnant or repetitive videos. No income is generated from slide shows consisting only of pictures. The video you share should not be shared by anyone before.

2.Making Money By Selling Products

The popularity of e-commerce sites today is known by everyone. Since it is difficult to set up these sites, many people can now sell their products on Instagram. It should be said that the field of clothing, gifts and technological tools occupies a large volume on Instagram, especially today.

Thanks to a business account you will open on Instagram, you can sell your store’s products here. Because the platform helps you reach more people. While your store only appeals to the people in the region where it stands, with Instagram, you appeal to the whole country.

In addition, advantages such as the announcement of the campaigns to be made and the fact that there is no shipping fee over a certain fee can be very attractive for people. In this way, you will both sell your product and expand your customer base.

3.Make Money By Advertising

In order to earn money with this method, you must first have a high number of active followers. Active followers are not the number of followers on Instagram. They are interactions given to your posts. The more engagement you get, the more ads you get. Thanks to advertisements, you will earn more than you think.

There are several different types of making money by advertising. One of them is to advertise the product. Brands that sell products provide advertisements to accounts with high followers and promote promotion.

Another type of advertisement is to advertise on the page. You can benefit from Page ad in two different ways. First, an account with a lower follower asks you to advertise it for a certain amount. Or, an account with a close follower count may offer mutual advertising without any fees.

In this case, even though you don’t seem to be making any money, you can actually get more product ads thanks to the active followers that will come to your account from the other page. In this way, you will earn extra income indirectly. At the same time, you can increase the number of your followers by taking photos to earn money on social media and you can get advertisements from related companies.

4.Make Money By Selling Followers, Likes, Comments

One of the ways to make money on Instagram is to sell followers, likes and comments. Today, we see that many internet sites provide this service. Some sell as bots, while others sell by assigning real accounts. If you want to try this method, you must have a good infrastructure.

Especially in the sale of real followers, likes or comments, you should open an additional website. You should get many people to sign up here and give a certain percentage of the sales earnings you will get to the people here. In this way, people make money by interacting with accounts.


How to Make Money on Instagram: 5 Proven Ways for 2022

If you’re looking for ways to make money on Instagram, consider sharing more than just your photos and videos. Share your audience.

Companies are attracted to dedicated communities on the social networking app, even ones that number in the low thousands. If your followers fit the profile of consumers that a brand is trying to reach, you may be able to make some money. Not interested in going the influencer route? Try selling your own products.

There are five main ways to make money on Instagram:

  • Get sponsored

  • Promote your business

  • Sell your items

  • Earn badges

  • Monetize your videos with ads

Here’s what to expect when it comes to getting paid on Instagram, plus tips for success.

How much do Instagram influencers make?

The top five Instagram influencers as of April 2021 have over 200 million followers each and include Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez, according to Search Engine Journal. While the money these Instagram superstars can make is astronomical, the income people who aren’t celebrities can make is not necessarily chump change.

Influencers with a million followers can earn somewhere around $670 per post, the search marketing website says. A content creator on Instagram with 100,000 followers can earn about $200 per post, while someone with 10,000 followers can make about $88 per post.

So, the formula is: more followers + more posts = more money.

How many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

With just 1,000 or so followers, you can make money on Instagram. Neil Patel, a widely known digital marketing specialist, says the key is engagement — followers who like, share and comment on your posts.

“Even if you have 1,000 followers who are engaged, the potential to make money is there,” he writes on his blog.

With an enthusiastic fan base, no matter how small, “brands are willing to invest in you because of the profitable actions you’ll drive through your account,” Patel adds.

5 ways to make money on Instagram

1. Get sponsored

Creating sponsored posts or stories is the primary way Instagram users can cash in on their account. For example, if your feed is focused on images of your dog on hikes, an outdoor gear company may want to pay you to post a photo that includes its product in the picture.

How to get sponsored on Instagram

So how do you find a sponsor? In some cases, potential partners will reach out to you. But if you don’t want to wait to be approached, check out companies that can help you find and work with brands.

Seek out a service

Which business you use depends on your needs. There are agencies you work with directly, like The Mobile Media Lab, and marketplaces that connect you with partners, like Influicity. Other services can help you manage all your partner relationships, like Aspire.

Be authentic

When searching for partners or deciding between different offers, aim for stuff you and those you influence would actually use. Followers of your pet are more likely to trust your opinion about a trail backpack for dogs than gourmet cat food. Don’t bother with products you don’t like. If your dog would tear apart an “indestructible” toy in an instant or bites off every sweater you’ve put on her, there’s no reason to recommend these things to others.

Find brands that fit as specific a niche as possible. Fans of your outdoorsy dog may look for many opinions on dog stuff in general but will really trust you to know which protective booties work best for the winter.

Keep in mind that sponsored posts and stories on Instagram are held to the same standard of truth in advertising as any other form of marketing. Make sure to include a disclosure in each paid post and story. You’ll do this by setting up branded content in your account settings then tagging your business partner.


2. Promote your business

There are other ways to use Instagram to make money. You can set up a business account to grow your business. For example, if you have an Etsy shop where you sell your crafts or a food blog that generates advertising revenue, a professional-looking Instagram account could provide a promotional boost. (This is also a common way to make money on TikTok.)

You can link to your Etsy or website in your profile or highlight one specific product in your bio section to direct more people to it. If your account is approved for Instagram Shopping features, you can tag products to promote your stuff directly.

Set yourself up for success

Take well-lit photos of products you’re trying to sell or projects you’re promoting and make them findable. Create your own hashtag and check out which ones competitors are using. Encourage your clients to post pictures with your stuff and tag you in them.

You can also use Instagram’s insights feature to learn about your audience. You can see how many eyes are on your post, as well as statistics about people’s age range and gender.

The app’s resources also help you find and connect with new customers. Pay some money to promote posts that you want more people to see. You can also add a button to your profile that links to an email address or phone number so interested parties can contact you easily

3. Sell your castoffs

Maybe you don’t have a business to promote, but you often sell your old clothes and accessories on websites like Poshmark. Instagram can boost your pool of buyers.

Present and photograph your clothes and other things in an appealing way and include as much detail as possible in the caption. Brand, size, condition and age of each item are all good things to note. If you’re looking to sell one item in particular, link to it in your Instagram bio. If not, just link to your Poshmark or other seller profile. Many Instagram sellers use #shopmycloset to hawk their wares.


4. Earn badges through Live videos

You can earn money directly from your audience when you share real-time videos with Instagram’s Live feature. As you showcase your talents, products and so on, viewers can buy badges, which are essentially tips, to show support. Badges cost $0.99, $1.99 or $4.99. You’ll see heart symbols next to comments from people who’ve purchased them.

Promote your upcoming Live video sessions through posts or stories to get the word out beforehand. Then, try using the Q&A feature or give shoutouts to commenters while you’re broadcasting to boost engagement — and hopefully, badges.


5. Monetize your videos with ads

Another way to get paid: Allow brands to run ads during your videos. To set it up, head to your creator account settings and enable the monetization option for in-stream video ads. Then, post videos as usual.

The amount you earn depends on how many views your video gets in the feed. You’ll receive 55% of the revenue generated per view, according to the Instagram for Business website. Payments are issued monthly.

However, you won’t get paid if your videos don’t meet the requirements. For example, videos need to be at least 2 minutes long to earn money. Instagram recommends aiming for 2 to 4 minutes in length.

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