How to enable and disable the superpowers on Badoo

Die Superpowers von Badoo are based on some tools that offer us additional options to gain more visibility on this social network. So while logically nothing gives us the certainty that we will find the love of our life on the platform, they greatly increase the chances of that.

Usually these superpowers that we can find on Badoo are chargeable, so we need to have our wallet ready to access them. But if you’re convinced that you want to find love, it might be worth it.

In the following we will explain to you what is wrong with these Supertools is all about, with which you can get to know more people who could be the ideal partner for you. We also explain how to get them, either for a fee, which is the usual way, or for free. And just in case you’ve decided to pay for them but eventually regret it, we’ll explain step-by-step how to turn them off so you don’t have to pay for them anymore.

What do super powers bring you on Badoo?

The superpowers on Badoo are mainly used to increase your visibility. This allows you to appear in the top positions when another person who matches you clicks on people near you. And you can also see who liked you so you can decide if you want to like them too. So these are premium features that increase your chances of flirting on this platform.

Of course, you don’t need super tools to meet interesting people on Badoo. But considering the large number of users on this platform, it is sometimes difficult to stand out from the crowd. And superpowers are a way of trying to find the ideal person.

How to activate superpowers on Badoo

The steps to activate the superpowers on this social network are as follows:

  1. Sign up for Badoo
  2. Go to the profile icon
  3. Choose Badoo Premium or Badoo Premium Plus in your profile
  4. Choose the payment method and plan you want to activate
  5. Click on Continue
  6. Enter your payment details and confirm the transfer

Steps to enable Badoo Superpowers on AndroidSteps to enable Badoo Superpowers on Android

Can I get the superpowers for free?

Although the superpowers are part of the paid plans, there is a way to get them to get for free.

All you have to do is pretend to delete the account. Badoo then offers you a range of benefits if you decide to stay. You can accept them and in a few seconds your super powers will be available.

Also, the superpowers you get the moment you decide to keep your account after trying to delete it are forever, so you never have to pay for them again. However, you can sign up for Badoo Premium Plus Sign up to receive additional benefits.

How to disable super powers on Badoo

If you’ve determined that super tools aren’t worth paying for, it’s time to turn them off. To do this, you need to deactivate your premium plan by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Badoo account
  2. Go to the icon to go to your profile
  3. Click on the menu settings
  4. Go to Account Preferences
  5. Go to Payment Settings
  6. Disable the button that says Badoo Premium

How to turn off Badoo's superpowersHow to turn off Badoo’s superpowers

Once you disable them, the super powers and extra options are no longer available. However, if you want to re-enable them, you can easily do so by following the steps outlined above.

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