How to enable authentication of purchases in Google Play

Google Play offers users purchases paid for with real money. If our device falls into the wrong hands, we may end up paying for apps, games, and other content that we didn’t request. For this reason, Google offers users the option of activating an authentication method and thus avoiding unwanted purchases. To activate the obligation to enter our credentials with each order, all you have to do is open Google Play and then open the main menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines. You can find them in the top left corner of the screen.

Open the Google Play main menuOpen the Google Play main menu

Now look for the button settingsto access the App Store settings.

Open Google Play settingsOpen Google Play settings

Under the instruction user control then you will see the option Authentication required for purchases. Click on it to adjust Google Play’s behavior in this regard.

Open authentication settingsOpen authentication settings

In the pop-up window you will see several options. We recommend that you For all purchases made through Google on this device activate If this setting is enabled, the user’s identity must be verified with every purchase. On the other hand, if you shop very often, you can Every 30 minutes choose. This second option requires your account credentials every 30 minutes.

Always ask for credentialsAlways ask for credentials

In addition, it is recommended to enable verification of credentials using biometric sensors. This allows you to shop by scanning your fingerprint or face recognition. tap Biometric authentication.

Enable biometric authenticationEnable biometric authentication

Confirm your account password and tap the Ok button to continue.

Confirm password from Google PlayConfirm password from Google Play

This is how biometric authentication was enabled.

Biometric authentication is enabledBiometric authentication is enabled

With these simple steps you can ensure that your Google Play account is protected and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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