How to enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp

To enable dark mode on WhatsApp, first make sure you have the latest version of the app available. You can download them at the end of this tutorial. Then open the app and go to settings by clicking on the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the chat window.

Click on the icon with the three vertical dots.Click on the icon with the three vertical dots.

Then press on the menu that appears Settings.

Go to Settings or SettingsGo to Settings or Settings

Then go to the section Chats.

Go to the Chats sectionGo to the Chats section

At the top of the window you will see the option themeclick that.

Click on the Theme entryClick on the Theme entry

From the new pop-up menu, select the option Dark.

Select the Dark optionSelect the Dark option

As you can see in this last menu there are 3 different options:

  • Set by Battery Saver: determines the mode to use based on the battery saver settings you have in Android settings.
  • Licht: This is the normal mode you are used to.
  • Dark: This is the option to apply dark mode on WhatsApp regardless of the operating system.

The WhatsApp interface is now displayed in dark colors: black, gray and dark green.

WhatsApp messenger with dark mode appliedWhatsApp messenger with dark mode applied

Why use dark mode on WhatsApp? There are mutliple reasons for this. It can be for purely aesthetic reasons. Another reason for this would be to save battery power, but you should keep one thing in mind: this saving only occurs if the device has an amoled screen, where it is possible to “turn off” the pixels on the screen. If your screen is IPS capable, consumption will not decrease as the pixels are still on even when they are black.

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