How to enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp?

Nowadays, mobile devices such as cell phones have different security measures. This also includes fingerprint security, where a sensor scans our fingerprint not only to unlock the phone, but also to confirm many other actions that require additional protection. WhatsApp is one of the apps that we can protect with a fingerprint. This requires a simple configuration so that only you can access the content of the app with your fingerprint.

How to set fingerprint to lock whatsapp chats

To the fingerprint protection to apply to WhatsApp, first open the app and tap on the menu (in the top right corner of the screen):

WhatsApp main viewWhatsApp main view

Then tap Settings or settings:

WhatsApp menuWhatsApp menu

In this menu you click on Account:

WhatsApp settingsWhatsApp settings

Click below Account on Privacy or. privacy:

WhatsApp account settingsWhatsApp account settings

Now scroll down and click on the fingerprint lock in Fingerprint lock:

WhatsApp privacy settingsWhatsApp privacy settings

Next, click on the slider Unlock with fingerprint (unlock with fingerprint control):

Activate WhatsApp fingerprint protectionActivate WhatsApp fingerprint protection

When we activate it, it changes from gray to a light green. The app will ask us to confirm our fingerprint to configure it:

Fingerprint verificationFingerprint verification

If you haven’t configured your fingerprint, WhatsApp itself gives you the tools to do so in the form of a pop-up window with a notification and an option to configure it at that moment. If your terminal does not have a fingerprint sensor, it is of course of little use to make these settings.

You can also adjust how long it takes for the fingerprint protection to be triggered and finally you can enable or disable whether you want to receive a preview of the people who want to communicate with you and the message they are sending:

Fingerprint protection enabledFingerprint protection enabled

This method was first implemented on iOS but came to Android soon after. When you add this little safeguard, you make sure that no one but you can snoop into your conversations, so prying eyes are no longer a problem. If you haven’t already done so with your WhatsApp, we recommend you do so.

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