How to enable message self-destruct in Signal

One of Signal’s hallmarks is the privacy. That’s why it includes a number of options to better secure the content being sent. One of these functions is the automatic deletion, i.e. the self-destruction, of messages. By enabling and configuring them, you can make everything you send disappear after a certain amount of time.

You can easily activate this feature by opening a new conversation using the button with the pencil icon.

2Open a new chat2Open a new chat

Next, select the contact in whose conversation with you you want the messages to be automatically deleted.

Choose a contactChoose a contact

If you’re on the chat screen, tap the profile picture area at the top of the screen.

Open conversation optionsOpen conversation options

Find the section in the list of options Disappearing messages. By default, this feature is disabled unless your contact has already enabled it from their end.

Settings for automatically deleting messagesSettings for automatically deleting messages

When tapping Disappearing Messages a pop-up dialog appears. Use the middle selector to choose the time interval you want sent messages to be available. If you have configured this function according to your needs, confirm by clicking on OK .

Set time intervalSet time interval

From now on, all the news will be in the conversation disappear completely after the set time has elapsed. It is important to note that this feature can be configured by either party within a call. The messages will disappear once self-destruct is activated. Therefore, before enabling this feature, your conversation history will not be affected.

All time-limited alerts will show a clock icon rotating in the opposite direction. It’s visible to you and the rest of the conversation. You should also note that the timer will activate once the message has been sent. If the recipient doesn’t read the message, it will still disappear.

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