How to export chats from WhatsApp Messenger

We can export a specific WhatsApp conversation, or we can export all conversations in a single file. Before using this method, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • It is not available in Germany.
  • If you choose to also attach your media files, only the most recent media will be attached to your export file. Staying on the subject of file attachments, this is how you can export the 10,000 most recent messages. Up to 40,000 messages can be exported without attachments.

How to export individual conversations

To export specific WhatsApp conversations, first open the application and click on the menu button (top right of the screen):

WhatsApp chat screenWhatsApp chat screen

Here we click Settings:

WhatsAuto settings menuWhatsAuto settings menu

In this menu we now go to Chats:

Whatsapp settingsWhatsapp settings

Then we click Chat history:

WhatsApp chat settingsWhatsApp chat settings

Now we click Export chat:

Export the conversationExport the conversation

The list of recent chats opens. We click on the one that we want to export. At the same time, an on-screen message informs us that if we paste the multimedia elements, the copy will be larger. However, this decision is up to you (in this example we chose not to include the multimedia elements):

Options for saving the conversationOptions for saving the conversation

Next, a menu will open with options to share the exported chat, where we must choose the option that best suits our needs:

Text file exchange optionsText file exchange options

In this example, we saved the conversation to Google Drive. Once you’ve selected the account to save the chat to, click Save:

File saved to Google DriveFile saved to Google Drive

And that’s it, the conversation you wanted to keep was now out of the App saved. This feature exports an entire conversation in TXT format so that it can be viewed later with any text editor, regardless of the platform on which it was held

So far, the method given here has been used to export individual conversations. But what about the full chats list? For this, the only way is to back up the entire app to Google Drive, but exporting this is not feasible using traditional methods in the cloud. The only option would be to reinstall the application on another terminal and restore the backup.

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