How to find MAC Address on iPhone?

How To Find MAC Address on İPhone?

Do you have an iPhone and wondering how to find the MAC address of your devices? It is absolutely simple and easy. Just follow the steps listed below

How to find MAC Address on iPhone

A MAC or Media Access Control Address is a unique string of 12 hexadecimal digits (0 to 9, a to f, or A to F) assigned to a NIC (Network Interface Controller) that acts as a network address in various communications within a specified range. This use is Ethernet, Bluetooth etc. It is very common among IEEE 802 networking technologies.

MAC addresses are assigned by device manufacturers. Each address is stored in hardware like RAM or any other firmware mechanism. Some network interfaces allow changing the MAC address. The MAC Address typically contains a manufacturer’s OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier).

MAC addresses are created according to two numbering field principles based on EUI (Extended Unique Identifiers) administered by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

The original MAC Address of IEEE 802 comes from Xerox Networking Systems’ Ethernet addressing scheme. The 48-bit address space of the MAC potentially contains 2 48 (281,474.976,710.656 ~ 281 trillion) possible MAC addresses.

How to Find MAC Address on iPhone?

Do you have an iPhone and wondering how to find the MAC address of your devices? It is absolutely simple and easy. Just follow the steps listed below

go to settings

Select General

 Click on About

Find your MAC Address listed as Wi-Fi Address

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ MAC Address)

Why is it called a MAC Address?

MAC stands for Media Access Control… so calling it MAC is short and convenient.

Why is MAC Address important?

It is important because it uniquely identifies a computer on a LAN.

What is the MAC Address used for?

MAC Addresses are mostly used to communicate internally between a network, and with some ISPs to authenticate a network externally.

Can I change the MAC Address on Windows?

Yes, changing MAC on Windows is pretty simple.

What are the MAC Address types?

The two types of MAC addresses are static and dynamic MAC Address.

What is MAC Address spoofing?

MAC Address spoofing is a technique of changing your MAC address assigned to the network interface or network device by the manufacturing factory. It is usually done to change the identity of the devices.

Can MAC spoofing be detected?

Unfortunately, MAC fraud is very difficult to detect. Most fraud detectors use the Sequence Number (SN) tracking technique.

Is the Wi–Fi Address the same as the MAC Address?

Yes, your devices’ Wi-Fi address is your devices’ unique static MAC Address.

Can my ISP see my MAC Address?

No, the ISP will not know the client’s MAC address.

Does MAC filtering provide extra security to the network?

No, it does not provide any real security, but a false sense of security that should be considered harmful. If you need to limit access to certain devices, it is recommended to use WPA2.

Is it dangerous to give your MAC Address?

Probably NOT. Sometimes your device is granted access to some secure networks based on MAC Filtering.

Can 2 devices have the same MAC Address?

Usually, NO. For a network device to communicate properly with other devices, the MAC Address must be unique. If two devices somehow have the same MAC Address, then no system can communicate properly because this will result in lots of network communication collisions.

Can Police Trace My MAC Address?

Not necessarily. Local police don’t track your MAC Address, but your phone is protected by FBI etc. who can collect your phone information from your phone’s company. It tracks based on the signal that helps them find the device, except for some private entities such as

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