How to find out if someone has Tinder and how to search for it

There are many reasons why someone want to find out if someone else has a Tinder account. Here we won’t delve into the nobility behind this quest, but rather provide you with the necessary tools to reach your goal quickly and easily.

How to search and find a person on Tinder

In any case, you have to create your own Tinder account. Once you’ve installed the application and entered the data to create your profile, it’s time to set up some settings. Remember: If you want to keep the search private, you should not provide your real information in this part of the process.

First you have to enter your profile. This is located at the bottom right of the screen as shown below.

Go to your profile to change settingsGo to your profile to change settings

Go to settings or Settingsso you can make the necessary changes and find the person you’re looking for.

Click on the small cogwheel to go to settingsClick on the small cogwheel to go to settings

Lset a distance of a few kilometersto reduce the number of profiles you see when you search.

Change the radius in kilometersChange the radius in kilometers

try now limit the age range. This way you can filter very precisely, because you should know the age of the person you are looking for.

Define the age according to your searchDefine the age according to your search

Finally, review as many profiles as possible. In this part of the research, it is best to avoid Likes otherwise you may run out of available actions. That’s because on the free version of Tinder, you can’t view profiles after you’ve spent your likes. That’s why you have to sift through all the people until you find the one you’re really looking for.

How to find out if someone is on Tinder, step by step

  1. Create an account and go to your profile
  2. Go to Settings or Settings
  3. Adjust the radius in kilometers to search within
  4. Limit the search by age
  5. Check as many profiles as possible without liking them

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