How to find out who viewed your Instagram pictures

There is no way to know who is viewing your Instagram photos. There is a lot of data that this social network does not offer users such as: B. The list of accounts that viewed your content. However, you can learn certain information about our posts that can be very helpful for us in optimizing our profile.

First of all you can see who has viewed your posts. In them it is also possible to post photos, just as we would do in our profile. Tapping on “Seen By”, a button you can find in the bottom left of the screen, takes you to the list of users who have viewed your story.

See who saw our storySee who saw our story

On the other hand, if you professional or business account owner are, Instagram shows some interesting statistics that can help you optimize your content. To do this, you can use the “View Insights” button under each posted photo.

Access a photo's statisticsAccess a photo’s statistics

Here you will find the data on the “likes”, the messages received or how often the post was saved. A detailed report of the ratings the photo has received is also displayed.

Statistical data of a photoStatistical data of a photo

But even if you have a business account, Instagram doesn’t show you the exact list of users who viewed your photos. It is important to emphasize that nobody can know this data. Therefore, if you have downloaded some miraculous application that allows you to extract the list of users who have seen your posts, we recommend that you delete it immediately and, if you have done so, remove access to your account. Their real target may be very different from what is advertised and therefore puts your account at risk.

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