How to find villages in Minecraft for Android

The infinite worlds created in Minecraft can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Although eleven years have passed since its release, Mojang’s Minecraft continues to welcome new residents. Maybe that’s the case for you, or you’re already a regular in Minecraft but still have unanswered questions about the easiest way to meet villagers. With this you avoid randomly wandering around in different biomes, only being exposed to enemies and different dangers. In the following we will show you the most effective methods for this.

How to find villages in Minecraft

There are several ways to make finding villages in Minecraft easier than just wandering freely around the world until you find one. For starters, it’s most effective to use a seed you know there’s a village nearby. With this you start your new world and your adventure near such a village. In the linked post we leave you some Seeds that have villages (in the desert, in the snow, in the taiga forest, on the coast…). So you can choose the one that you like the most and follow the method that we explain to use these coordinates in a simple and effective way.

Another possibility is Use cheats and commands in creative mode. This will disable the achievement option associated with Survival Mode, which may not be worth it depending on the game mode. For this you have to follow the following steps:

When you are in game (not in the main menu), you go to the menu by pressing the button in the top bar and clicking on Settings (or Settings in English).

Go to the settings in MinecraftGo to the settings in Minecraft

Scroll down the menu until you find the Cheats or Tricks section and check if they are active as you can see in the image below.

Make sure the cheats are activeMake sure the cheats are active

Go back into the game and select the chat icon next to the menu icon in the top center bar of the game.

Open the chatOpen the chat

Once the chat is open, you give the command /locate village to get the coordinates of the nearest village and press Enter or the Arrow key (bottom left).

Enter the correct command to find a villageEnter the correct command to find a village

The coordinates of the nearest village in your world will be displayed on the screen. Write them down.

Find out the coordinates of the next villageFind out the coordinates of the next village

Now it’s time to enter those coordinates into the chat. Open it again and give the command /tp Steve X Y Z where “Steve” is your character’s name (this is the default name, but if you changed it at the start of the game you’ll need to replace it with your own name or type @p) and XY and Z are the coordinates that you entered each.

In the example we put the 70 in the middle because it came up in the search (y?), so in those cases you have to guess and the number chosen was the one closest to the bottom.

Enter the teleport command in the chatEnter the teleport command in the chat

If you press enter or the arrow on the right and did everything right, you will automatically appear in the nearest village. You can repeat the process as many times as you want, but again we recommend you to use the seed method as it is much easier and faster in the beginning.

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