How to fix connection problems in Brawl Stars

To solve connection problems in Brawl Stars, there is little you can do if the problem is caused externally. If the game servers are showing abnormal behavior, then it’s up to Supercell (or whoever is doing the maintenance) to fix it, not you.

But let’s say you’re playing in your living room and the Router is in another room. Depending on the distance, this shouldn’t be a problem, but there are times when the dreaded lost connection sign will appear, which can be disastrous for your game. You can avoid this kind of misconnection yourself, basically through two methods: play on a computer with a wired connection and an Android emulator or move closer to the routerto get a stronger WiFi signal.

One thing to note is that Supercell games have been plagued by connectivity issues lately (this has happened to me on all my phones and other titles): as soon as you start a game, the strength of the wireless signal your device is receiving drops drastically when you not near the Routers are you. This way the servers can’t keep up with you and you will automatically disappear from the game.

And apparently it’s not just happening to a few users (nor is it a new phenomenon). Supercell has been asked, almost begged, to fix this issue for some time, but for now it persists. We hope it will be resolved soon.

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