How to Fix Google Not Indexing My Site?

How to Fix Google Not Indexing My Site?

he most prestigious and most used search engine, Google, includes certain sites in its database and delivers these sites to users by placing them in a ranking. For this reason, after associating a site that you have published on the internet with Google, it enters the Google index and thus you become a site encountered on the internet. However, most of the time, the problem is that google does not index my site .

Recently, a significant problem has been encountered regarding the Google index system, which is given great importance by website owners and founders. Because especially during SEO studies, many people apply to experts with a problem such as why google does not index my site . If you want to get traffic organically, you must be in the Google index. If you are not in this directory, you will not be able to get traffic from Google. 

Generally, you need to check the site index for the problems you encounter. On the Google address line;

It will be enough to search by typing site:yoursitename (for example; site: ).

Cause of Google Not Indexing My Site

Usually, there are reasons such as the fact that the site is new under the problem of google not indexing my site. Even if the limit becomes much lower in the following periods, sites such as news platforms and social platforms get a second index, while such sites are at a very low rate. 

There are alternative methods offered for you to solve this problem. For example, site indexing is achieved thanks to the “Fetch as Google” option on Google Webmaster Tools. Thanks to this application, there is a Google-like fetch limit of 500 times per week. However, if you use the fetch feature like Google, you will also need to implement a different solution as your transactions are recorded. 

In this context, it will be possible to obtain a temporary solution by using webmaster tools. To use this advantage, you must first remember that there is a certain limit. If you add all URL addresses at this point, you will not be allowed to save URLs for a certain period of time when you exceed the limits. Therefore, using it when necessary will create a more useful result. 

After the URL saving process, adding a link will not be enough and you will need to make sure that you have entered correctly by clicking on the link. Even then, by using the send to directory button on the right, you will be able to get an accurate result.

For the address that can be used for this purpose;

You will need to use the address. When you save the URL as mentioned on this address, you can get indexing immediately for the domains you just bought on the opened websites thanks to the same method. As an important point , if you do not add original content to your site in the problem of google not indexing my site, that is, when you constantly add duplicate content, trying these methods will not be beneficial. So much more damage will occur.

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