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How to fix ‘We set the settings again later’ error on Instagram


How to fix ‘We set the settings again later’ error on Instagram

As per multiple reports, Instagram users are getting the “Try again later: We limit how often you can do certain things…” error.

It seems that the Instagram “Try again later: We limit how often you can do certain things…” error is occurring randomly. So, it is hard to pin down an exact cause for the same.

Help me please! I’m going to go to my instagram and a tab appears with this message


Hello, I have been facing that issue for all day. does anyone knows how to fix it? When I am trying to log in I reach small box with black background says: “ Try again later… we limit how often you can do certain things on instagram to protect our community.

how to fix 'we set the settings again later' error on instagram

Some affected users are nonetheless able to get rid of the said problem so let’s take a look at some possible workarounds.

The very first thing to try would be to change the Instagram profile password and the try to access the service.

If the issue persists, check whether the affected profile has links to third-party websites in the bio and remove them.

we set the settings again later

Also, users can always report problems like this to Instagram Support as they can provide more clarity on such matters.

To do so, open the Instagram app menu by heading to the Profile section then selecting the three lines icon from the top right corner.

After that, head over to Settings at the bottom then open the Help section and select Report a Problem in the Help section as well as the prompt that follows. Once done, explain the problem briefly, attach any screenshots of the error message, and select Submit.

we set the settings again later


To be on the safe side, log out from Instagram and wait for some time before logging back in as Instagram Support will take some time to rectify the issue.

So, if you are facing the said issue, be sure to try the workarounds given above and let us know if you have any other workarounds to resolve the problem.


That said, we will be back with more details as and when new information becomes available so stay tuned.


Instagram went down eariler today in a widespread outage and users were once again greeted with the “Try again later: We limit how often you can do certain things…” message. Fortunately, the issue has now been resolved as confirmed by Instagram Comms on Twitter.

Is #instagramdown for you? We’re working on it! We know that some people are currently having issues, and we’re fixing it ASAP.

And we’re back! If you were having a hard time earlier, your account should be working normally now. 


A few practices have been suggested, that would protect Instagram users from this error. Users are advised to desist from being overactive on the platform by posting the same comments multiple times, or liking a lot of posts at a go as this is considered spammy behavior. Similarly spammy is the posting of torrent links, betting sites, and such.

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