How to format a Windows 11 PC

Can format the computer the solution to many problems be. For example, if you switched from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you might experience performance issues or common errors. Similarly, if you are in the habit of installing and uninstalling many programs. In this case, the best way to completely clean your computer is to reset it. There are two methods to do this that you should know about and that we will present in this guide.

How to format a computer using the setup application

We start with the easiest way to format your computer. You can find this in the Settings app, which you can easily find in the Start menu. You can also use the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to access the options.

Open Windows 11 settingsOpen Windows 11 settings

There you go to the section System and click Recovery.

Open recovery optionsOpen recovery options

Click on the button Reset PC.

Restore the PCRestore the PC

In the pop-up window you will see two options. While there is a way to reset the computer while keeping the existing files, the most recommended method is Remove everything. If you choose this option, you can clean the system more thoroughly. Don’t forget, however, that you absolutely must have a backup of your most valuable files, either in the cloud or on another medium.

Delete all filesDelete all files

In the next step you choose whether you want Windows 11 via the cloud or Local reinstall want to install. The first option allows you to get the latest available version released by Microsoft, although the process is slower due to the implicit download. On the other hand, there is the local reinstall option, which is faster because it doesn’t require the entire operating system to be downloaded again. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, because in both cases the system will be completely reset and all files will be deleted.


See the options summary below Additional settings on. If everything is correct, click Nextto start the process.

Start recoveryStart recovery

Depending on the mode you choose, reinstalling Windows 11 will take more or less time. In any case, resetting a PC usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

Format a computer with a bootable USB stick

Alternatively, you can use your computer too Format with a bootable USB stick. Microsoft offers a tool that you can use to create a memory stick for reinstalling Windows 11. Download it for free from the link on this page.

Then run the program and accept the terms and conditions.

accept terms and conditionsaccept terms and conditions

Choose your language and Windows 11 edition to continue. In most cases it is best to uncheck the box Use the recommended options for this PC to leave activated. Click on the button Nextto continue.

Select Windows editionSelect Windows edition

Since you want to create a bootable USB to format the computer and not just download the Windows 11 ISO, select the option USB flash dri. Click Next again to go to the next step.

Select bootable USB driveSelect bootable USB drive

Select the USB stick you want to use.

Select specific driveSelect specific drive

Finally, the wizard will start creating the bootable stick.

Wait for the boot drive to be createdWait for the boot drive to be created

Of course, having a USB stick with Windows 11 is not enough to format your computer. Now you need to connect it to your computer and restart your system. Set the USB stick as the primary boot device in BIOS and wait for the installer to appear on the screen.

Choose your language and click Nextto continue.

Select language during installationSelect language during installation

Click on Install now.

Install Windows 11Install Windows 11

Follow the steps on the screen until you get to the section Which type of installation do you want? reached. There you choose the option Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Personalized installationPersonalized installation

Now that your computer has its own partitions, you can remove them using the Delete button. This applies to the partitions that contain the operating system. If you have a second hard drive or partition, be careful not to delete it. You could lose data.

Delete current partitionsDelete current partitions

When you have deleted all system partitions, select the unallocated space and click New.

Create a new partitionCreate a new partition

Specify the space to allocate to the new partition. Then use the button Applyto save the changes.

Assign partition sizeAssign partition size

Choose the new, already formatted partition to install the operating system.

New partitions createdNew partitions created

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Windows 11 installation. The computer will restart several times during the process. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

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