How to get Frank in Brawl Stars

The only way to unlock Frank is this opening from Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes and Mega Boxes. These boxes can be obtained in three ways:

  • By going full on Trophy Road, which sometimes gives one of these crates as a reward.
  • By advancing the seasonal trophy path (with Brawl Pass enabled, chances increase).
  • By purchasing gems with real money, which you then redeem for the corresponding crates in the in-game shop.

Keep in mind that Frank is an Epic Brawler, which means he has a 0.5472% chance in a regular brawl box to appear. If we open a Big Box, the odds are tripled, and if we open a Mega Box, the odds are multiplied by 10. As you can see, the probability of its appearance is still quite low. While it’s a bit easier to get than a Legendary Brawler, even then the chances of it appearing are very slim at best.

What makes Frank so desirable? In short, he’s just a real beast. It’s capable of absorbing a massive amount of damage, while its attacks can drain a ton of life from the opponent with a single hit. The downside is its slowness, but in the hands of a tactically skilled player it’s absolutely devastating.

Frank is what they call Heavyweight in Brawl Stars. Characters whose mechanics are very similar to tanks in RPGs, capable of absorbing a massive amount of damage and serving as a team’s defensive element.

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