How to get genes in Brawl Stars

To get genes you have to follow a very simple instruction: Open as many Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes and Mega Boxes as you can. For this you can do several things: go through the Trophy Road (where you sometimes get them as a reward), complete the seasonal trophies (with the activated Brawl Pass you have more chances) or buy gems with real money to exchange them for crates.

Keep in mind that Gene is a mythical character, a step below legendary, which is only half good news. Look at the drop percentage of these characters.

  • 0.2496% in Brawl Boxes
  • 0,2496 % in Big Boxes
  • 0.2496% in Megaboxes

In short, there are a lot of boxes to open. And of course, as if that wasn’t enough, getting a character of this class can be a real nightmare since all boxes have the same drop for mythical brawlers. One wonders whether it is even worth buying new boxes.

Gene is a character that attacks from medium range. It was designed to prevent opponents from besieging attacking characters. However, he’s not a heavyweight (nor does he need to be). His shots deal moderate damage at medium range, and his special attack pulls the targeted enemy towards him. If you know how to combine the special with enough ammo, you can do a lot of damage.

These abilities make Gene an ideal brawler for team-based PvP matches like Gem Grab, Heist, and even Brawl Ball. It’s worth giving him a shot and seeing what he has to offer.

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