How to get Leon in Brawl Stars

There is only one way to get Leon in Brawl Stars: open boxes, many boxes, many, many boxes. That might sound like an exaggeration, but keep in mind that we’re talking about a legendary brawler here.

Is the fact that it’s a character of that type a big deal? Unfortunately yes. The probability of a legendary brawler appearing in a regular brawl box is 0.1296%. Note that in Big Boxes, the percentage is tripled (and in Mega Boxes, it’s 10 times higher than in a regular box).

What does that mean? So you can either dig deep and buy gems to exchange for Big Boxes or Mega Boxes. Or you can try to complete the seasonal rewards (with Brawl Pass activated you have more options, which also means spending real money) to unlock these special characters.

A note on this: Brawl Stars used to have a luck system. If you couldn’t unlock a new brawler in a box, the chance that you could unlock a new brawler in the next box increased. Now it doesn’t work that way anymore, and the chances are the same for everyone.

Leon is one of the most valued characters for his huge offensive capacity, high speed and special ability that allows him to hide in the landscape and run away from dangerous situations. For a long time he sat at the top of the Brawl Stars food chain, with all that that entails.

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