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How to Give Windows 11 Look to a Windows 10 Computer


how to give windows 11 look to a windows 10 computer

Windows 11 doors have been opened and now you have the opportunity to upgrade your computer. However, as you know, Microsoft Windows 11 came with a set of strict rules. If your computer does not support Windows 11 upgrade, I mentioned that there are alternative solutions. Now I offer you another alternative. Windows 11 appearance on Windows 10 computer!

All you have to do is enable a few free apps, a custom desktop theme, and, in tricks, a host of advanced security options. Let’s make your Window 10 computer look like Windows 11!

Before starting the process, make sure you have updated your computer to the latest Windows 10 version. I also recommend backing up your operating system and important documents before using these tweaks. Before you begin, you can make a full backup and create a system restore point.

Making Windows 10 Look Like Windows 11

I have divided this article into simple steps to guide you on how to customize a Windows 10 computer to look like Windows 11. When I want to change the look of my computer, the first thing that comes to my mind is Wallpaper. So let’s start with the Windows 11 wallpaper.

Download Windows 11 Wallpapers

how to give windows 11 look to a windows 10 computer

You can download Windows 11 Wallpapers with the link below

Windows 11 Wallpapers Download Link

  • You will download the wallpapers from a zip file on Google drive for easy access by everyone.
  • After downloading, you can set your preferred wallpaper. For this, just right click on the image.
  • Select Set as Desktop Background . Now your wallpaper is set, let’s move on.

Download Windows Theme Tool for Windows 11 Appearance on Windows 10 PC

First, you will need to download the Windows theme tool by following these steps:

how to give windows 11 look to a windows 10 computer

  • Click on the latest version and download the Theme tool to your preferred location.

Download Windows 11 Theme for Windows 11 Appearance on Windows 10 Computer

Now you need to download the Windows 11 skin pack to proceed by following the steps below:

  • Click on this link to go to. 
  • Download the theme by clicking the download button below the preview images on the web page.

how to give windows 11 look to a windows 10 computer

  • You may need to register with Deviantart before downloading.
  • After downloading, you can continue.

Download Windows 11 Icon Pack for Windows 11 Appearance on Windows 10 PC

While downloading the theme, you also need to download the icon pack similarly:

  • Click on this link  to go to the address.
  • Download the package by clicking the download icon you see below below the preview images on the web page.

how to give windows 11 look to a windows 10 computer

  • If you have registered before, you can download it directly. If you don’t have an account, you need to create one. Because you can only view Windows 11 Wallpapers as a guest.
  • Go to the address on  this link .

how to give windows 11 look to a windows 10 computer

  • Download the file as you did with the files above.

Customizing Your Windows 10 as Windows 11 

You now have all the necessary tools. We are now ready to give your Windows 10 computer a Windows 11 look. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

Apply Windows 11 Theme

  • Now you need to place both files in the same folder. So you can move them to any folder you want.
  • Now extract them to the same folder.
  • Next, you need to right-click on the theme tool downloaded in step 1.
  • Click Run as Administrator.
  • Open the folder where you saved the Theme and Icon pack.
  • Locate the Windows 10 themes subfolder. Inside you will find two more subfolders for taskbar sizes. You can choose the size you prefer, extract.
  • Copy the extracted folder and paste it into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder.
  • Now run the Theme tool again.
  • This time you will see a new theme in the list. Select the theme and click the ‘Patch and Apply’ button.

Apply Windows 11 Icon Pack

  • Run the 7TSP GUI.
  • Check the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for: ‘ box under the compatibility check .
  • Click Add custom package. Select the icon pack you downloaded.
  • Click Start Patch . The contents of the package will be installed. By default 7TSP will create a restore point for this
  • Restart now.
  • When it restarts, you will see all the changes applied.

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