How to hide your WhatsApp photo from a contact without blocking them

Before you embark on this topic, you need to know that you must be ready to delete a contact, for this trick to be effective (although we’ll talk about that later). So, to hide your profile picture from a WhatsApp contact without blocking them, first open the app and click on the menu button (top right of the screen):

WhatsApp home screenWhatsApp home screen

Then click Settings:

WhatsAuto action menuWhatsAuto action menu

Here then on Account:

Whatsapp settingsWhatsapp settings

Then up Privacy:

WhatsApp account settingsWhatsApp account settings

And now up Profile photo:

WhatsApp privacy settingsWhatsApp privacy settings

Here we select, if it is not already marked, My contacts out:

Profile photo privacy settingsProfile photo privacy settings

This means that anyone who is not on your contact list cannot see your photo. However, the person you want to hide it from is still part of your contacts, and that brings us to the final step (which we talked about at the beginning).

Now exit WhatsApp and open your contacts application. From there, search for the person you want to hide your profile picture from and click on it:

phone contactsphone contacts

You will be taken to the contact’s details page. Take the opportunity to write down your name and phone number and click on the menu button (in the upper right corner of the screen):

contact detailscontact details

Then click Deleteto remove this contact from your address book and thus from WhatsApp:

Button to delete a contactButton to delete a contact

Once that contact has been deleted, they will no longer be able to see your profile picture.

This method may seem very rudimentary, but unfortunately there is still no other way to use it. Until WhatsApp gets more privacy customization options, there is no choice but to conform to this system. WhatsApp still has areas that need improvement and this is one of them. For now, we still have to wait for more and better options for fine-tuning user privacy to be implemented.

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