How to install and use WhatsApp on an Android tablet

WhatsApp is an important part in the world of instant messaging. Despite being one of the most used content sending and receiving apps in the world, it has some limitations. One of them is the lack of the ability to use the app on tablets, at least officially. However, in the case of Android, it is possible to use it by installing the mobile version or by accessing its website. Here we show you how to do it without complications.

Use WhatsApp on tablet by installing the APK

Use WhatsApp on tablet by installing the APKInstalling WhatsApp on a tablet is possible via the installation file or APK. To get them, the link on this page must be used. When you are in the WhatsApp tab in Malavida, click Download.

WhatsApp download pageWhatsApp download page

On the download page again Download click.

Start WhatsApp downloadStart WhatsApp download

Once the download is complete, open the APK using the button Open.

Open APKOpen APK

Install the app as usual. First tap the button Install.

Start installationStart installation

Then tap Open to launch the app. You can do it too Done exit and run later.

Open WhatsApp on a tabletOpen WhatsApp on a tablet

Accept the WhatsApp terms.

accept terms and conditionsaccept terms and conditions

Finally, the phone number must be entered to link the account.

Enter phone numberEnter phone number

There are two things to note about this method. On the one hand, signing in on the tablet means that the account is no longer available on other devices, including mobile phones. WhatsApp can only be used on one device. However, the phone must be accessible to receive the confirmation message. This step is essential for the successful completion of the process.

Use WhatsApp Web on the tablet

The alternative to installing WhatsApp is the Using the web version. To do this, call it up in your browser via the URL Then open the main menu and tap on Desktop site. This makes WhatsApp think you’re logging in from a desktop computer.

Open desktop pageOpen desktop page

Scan QR code with mobile phone to link the account.

Scan QR CodeScan QR Code

For faster access, open the browser menu and tap Add to home screen. This will create a shortcut on the home screen.

Add website to home screenAdd website to home screen

With a tap Add to confirm.

create linkcreate link

The WhatsApp icon will now be available on the desktop.

Direct access to WhatsApp WebDirect access to WhatsApp Web

This procedure also has its limitations. They are as follows:

  • It can each only one copy of WhatsApp Web will be usedn. So if you’re accessing it from your tablet, you can’t also access it from your computer.
  • While it is possible to receive notifications, these but only arrive if the browser remains open.

On the other hand, using WhatsApp Web on the tablet has a clear advantage: you still have access to your conversations from your mobile phone. This way you can use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time.

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