How to install Android apps on Windows 11

One of the most important new features that Microsoft has introduced in its new operating system is the ability to run Android apps natively. This guide is intended to help you implement this feature on your computer.

Activate the necessary Windows 11 components

To run Android applications on Windows 11, you must first enable some additional system components. Add to that Turn Windows features on or off into the search window. Click on the first result that appears.

Enable or disable Windows featuresEnable or disable Windows features

Look for the entries in the pop-up window Virtual Machine Platform and Windows Hypervisor Platform. Tick ​​the boxes next to it.

Enable virtual machine and hypervisorEnable virtual machine and hypervisor

You may have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Join the Insider program

At the time of writing, installing Android apps on Windows 11 was reserved for Insider program users. These are the ones that receive pre-release versions of the operating system to help Microsoft improve its software. It is hoped that over time the company will remove this requirement and the Android apps will be made available to all users.

If it is still required now, you just have to open the settings, on Windows Update and then up Windows Insider Program click. Then click Get Started to connect your computer. Remember that you need to sign up with your Microsoft account on the official Insider program page.

Join the Insider ProgramJoin the Insider Program

After entering your login details, select the beta channel. Then use Continueto go to the next step.

Join the beta channelJoin the beta channel

Drive with the button again Continue fort.

Confirm membership in the programConfirm membership in the program

Use the command Restart Nowto complete the process and restart your computer.

restart the computerrestart the computer

Once it’s back up, you’ll be accepted into the Insider program and eligible to receive the appropriate betas.

Upgrading to Windows 11

It is now time to update Windows 11. Make sure all updates are installed, because only then will your computer get the preview versions of the system.

Upgrading to Windows 11Upgrading to Windows 11

Depending on your connection speed and computer performance, this process may take a few minutes.

Download and install the Windows 11 Android subsystem

We are now ready for this Windows 11 Android Subsystem to install. This is the framework on which Android applications will run on your computer. To download the latest version, use the link on this page.

You will receive a file with the MSIXBUNDLE extension. Save them in a folder of your choice. Next you open the search and type PowerShell a. Click on Run as administratorto start the console as admin.

Open the PowerShellOpen the PowerShell

Now it’s time WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android) to install on your PC. Do that with the following command:

Add-AppxPackage -Path "C:UsersMalavidaDownloadsMicrosoftCorporationII.WindowsSubsystemForAndroid_<versión>.msixbundle"

Don’t forget to change the file path to the one that works for you. Otherwise the execution will not work. The command should look like the screenshot below.

Install WSAInstall WSA

After completing these steps, WSA will be installed on your computer.

Install apps from the store

In the start menu you already have a shortcut to the Windows Android subsystem. Click on it for more options.

WSA is installedWSA is installed

First enable developer options. You will need them later. Then you click Filesto “wake up” the subsystem and force it to install the Amazon App Store.

Open files to force executionOpen files to force execution

After the first run, the Amazon AppStore will be available on your computer. It’s available in the Start menu, just like any other program.

Open the Amazon App StoreOpen the Amazon App Store

Before you can download applications, you must be logged in. become momentary only US Amazon accounts supported. It’s possible to change your profile’s region in Amazon’s settings, but if you use it frequently for other services like Alexa, we don’t recommend it.

Registration with US accountRegistration with US account

If you are logged in, the Amazon Store will appear on the screen. Use the Get button to download an app.

Download AppDownload App

Each time you install an application from the store, it is added to the start menu.

Install any APK on Windows 11

If you don’t have an Amazon account configured with the region and don’t want to make this change in your profile, you have an alternative way to use Android apps on Windows 11. We’re talking about the WSA Toolboxa utility that you can download safely and quickly from Malavida.

Once you have the executable on your computer, double click on it. Here you will see several options. For example Install Aurora Store, which installs an alternative store to the Google Play Store, with which it shares a catalogue. It’s also possible to install apps directly by downloading the APK from a trusted repository like Malavida. Just click Install APK File.

Install an APK file containing the WSA ToolboxInstall an APK file containing the WSA Toolbox

In our case, we tested Spotify. We first downloaded the APK from Malavida and then opened it with File Explorer.

Select APKSelect APK

The result? Spotify has successfully installed and pinned itself to the start menu.

APK successfully installedAPK successfully installed

While this system allows you to try out a large number of applications on Windows 11, there are also some limitations. At the moment the available catalog is limited to what is available in the Amazon store. And if you don’t have access to it, your only option is to get the APK of your favorite apps elsewhere. However, all those that depend on Google services will not work as they are not officially implemented in Windows 11’s Android subsystem at the moment.

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