How to install Chrome extensions on Android

Installing extensions in Chrome for Android is officially not allowed. However, there are alternative browsers capable of installing and running them. One of the most popular is Kiwi. If you need to install a Chrome extension on your device, this is the best solution.

First download Kiwi to your device. Use the link on this page to get the APK quickly and safely. When you launch it, you’ll immediately notice that the interface is very similar to Chrome. Tap on the three dots to open the main menu.

Open the main menu in KiwiOpen the main menu in Kiwi

Click on Extensions (extensions), to continue.

Open extension menuOpen extension menu

Use the link to go to the Chrome Web Store.

Access the Chrome Web StoreAccess the Chrome Web Store

Tap the first result in Google Search.

Extension StoreExtension Store

At this point you need to select the extension you want to install on Kiwi. Although they are all compatible, it is not possible to confirm that they always work correctly. In our case we chose Dark Mode decided to create an extension that allows you to enable dark mode on any website.

Choose an extensionChoose an extension

In the Extensions tab, use the button Add to Chrome (add to Chrome)to add the extension to your browser.

Add Chrome ExtensionAdd Chrome Extension

In the pop-up dialog, confirm the installation with the Ok-Button.

Confirm the installationConfirm the installation

The extension is now installed. where can you find her It is located in the Kiwi main menu. From there you can access their features or settings.

Use the extensionUse the extension

In the area Extensions (extensions) you will also find some additional options.

Manage extensionsManage extensions

There you have all the details of the extension, the uninstall button and the option to disable it temporarily. Remember that you can install extensions from local files in CRX, ZIP or USER.JS format. However, it’s always best to do it through the official Google Storage for Chrome.

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