How to install fonts and typefaces in Windows 11

Fonts play an important role in every operating system. In Windows 11 it is possible to install additional fonts in different ways. This article lists all the methods you can use to add fonts to your computer.

How to install fonts from the Microsoft Store on Windows 11

Since its appearance on the market, the Microsoft Store Developed into a versatile location from which you can download apps, themes, and add-ons. And yes, it’s also a good place to get fonts and types. Finding them is easy with the search engine.

Find fonts in the Microsoft StoreFind fonts in the Microsoft Store

In the message that appears on the screen, you choose Explore new fonts (explore new fonts). You can also search for a font by its name.

Access to the Fonts section of the Microsoft StoreAccess to the Fonts section of the Microsoft Store

Once the “Font” tab is open, click on the button Getto start downloading.

Install a font from the shopInstall a font from the shop

When you’re done, the font will be installed on your PC.

How to install a font downloaded from the internet in Windows 11

Also Font files that you download from the Internet, can be installed without much effort. Just find the file in your browser and double click on it. When the pop-up preview dialog opens, click Install.

Install a font via File ExplorerInstall a font via File Explorer

Another option is to settings to go to the area Personalizatio or personalization Open and click Fonts. Then drag the font file to the top of the options list.

Install a font via the Settings appInstall a font via the Settings app

If you follow these steps, you can Install a font downloaded from the Internet on Windows 11.

How to download fonts for all Windows 11 languages

Windows 11 lets you download fonts that all languages support, in addition to what you have set up on your computer. This is ideal if you need to write documents in alphabets other than your own. Visit the font settings in the system settings and scroll to the bottom of the settings. Click on Download fonts for all languages (Download fonts for all languages).

Download fonts for all languagesDownload fonts for all languages

Click Ok in the pop-up message. Note that this takes up a lot of space on your drive.

Confirm the download of all fontsConfirm the download of all fonts

Waiting for Windows 11 to download the fonts compatible with all languages.

How to uninstall a font in Windows 11

If you want to remove a font after installing it, all you have to do is follow the steps outlined here.

Uninstall a font in Windows 11Uninstall a font in Windows 11

  1. Open the section Personalization in the Windows 11 setup application.
  2. Go to the Fonts section.
  3. Select and click the font you want to remove.
  4. In the details area, click the button Uninstall or. Uninstall.

To restore the font after deleting it, download it again from the Microsoft Store or get the font file from an internet repository. Then follow the steps outlined in the previous sections.

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