How to install MODs in GTA San Andreas for Android

As one of the most iconic games in the history of gaming, GTA San Andreas is still a good alternative for everyone who wants to have fun. So much so that many even enjoy this Rockstar Games software on their mobile devices. Over the long years of its existence, the community has developed a large number of modifications or MODs for the video game, but installing on android is not always easy. That’s why today we’re going to help you do it the right way and safely.

To install MODs in GTA San Andreas for Android you need these minimum requirements

Installing mods directly requires that you have already downloaded the mod you want to install. You also need these two apps:

  • CPU Z
  • ZArchiver

CPU Z is an app that allows you to get important information about your device’s specifications. This step is crucial to the installation process, so don’t skip it. To download and install this application, just click on the download link right below.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be redirected to Malavida’s servers, where you’ll click the button Download have to click.

Download CPU Z for AndroidDownload CPU Z for Android

After that you have to confirm the download by repeating the above action and clicking on the green button.

Confirm the CPU Z downloadConfirm the CPU Z download

Once CPU Z has downloaded, a new dialog box will open. Just click on the option Open.

Open the file to installOpen the file to install

Finally, you must confirm the installation of the program by clicking on the button Install click as shown in the image below.

Install CPU Z on your deviceInstall CPU Z on your device

For now we’ll leave it at installation, but remember that it will be of great help in the next steps. You can safely download and install ZArchiver from Malavida’s servers by clicking on the link below:

After clicking the button above you will be redirected to our download page where you should click the green button below.

Download Zarchiver for AndroidDownload Zarchiver for Android

On the next page you have to confirm the download. To do this, simply click on the button Download.

Confirm Zarchiver downloadConfirm Zarchiver download

Once you have done this, the download will begin. When it’s done, your browser will ask if you want to open the file. Click on Open.

Open the Zarchiver archive for installationOpen the Zarchiver archive for installation

Finally click on the button Install and wait for the installation process to finish automatically.

Install Zarchiver to continueInstall Zarchiver to continue

How to use MODs in GTA San Andreas for Mobile

Now that we have all the elements we need, we can move on to the most interesting part of this process. First we have to Check which GPU your device has. To see this information you can go to CPU Z and look for the following section.

Check your GPU for CPU ZCheck your GPU for CPU Z

Make note of what graphics card you have, as this could save you quite a bit of headaches. You can close CPU Z. Now let’s open Zarchiver and look for the mod file in question. In this case we use Teleport with vehicles.

Search for your MOD fileSearch for your MOD file

After clicking on it, a drop down menu will open at the bottom of your screen where you can select the option Extract Here should select.

Extract all contentExtract all content

Now it’s time to check the files that come with it to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Go to the com.rockstar.gtasa folder, which has the same name for all mods.

Specify the folder where the MOD was extractedSpecify the folder where the MOD was extracted

In most cases, you’ll only find one file, so installation isn’t too complicated. However, there is a chance that your MODs contain multiple elements. You should always pay attention to the elements that have RENAME written on them. If this is the case, edit the filename by replacing RENAME with the abbreviation for your graphics processor.

  • If your GPU is an Adreno, you should use DXT.
  • If your GPU is Mali, you must use ETC
  • If your GPU is a Power VR GPU, use PVR.

These files often come in texture packs that modify a large portion of the game’s files. So pay special attention to the txd folder that might contain your mod.

To change the name, simply press and hold on the file you want to change until the drop-down menu appears at the bottom. Then click on the option Rename.

Renaming the rename filesRenaming the rename files

Whether you had to do this step or not, the following step will complete the installation process correctly. Go back to the folder where you have the unzipped mod and continuously click on the folder to bring up the bottom menu. vote here Copy.

Copy the extracted MOD folderCopy the extracted MOD folder

Go to the top of Zarchiver and select the path menu. After you click on it, your device’s storage areas will open and you will have to go to Device Memory walk.

Go to device storageGo to device storage

On the new screen in front of you, you should go to the Android folder as shown below.

Select the Android folderSelect the Android folder

Now look for the Data folder and enter it. It’s usually the first in the list, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Go to the data folderGo to the data folder

Once you’re in that directory, all you have to do is paste the mod folder by selecting the option below.

Paste the MOD filesPaste the MOD files

Your mod should now be installed, so just log into the game and enjoy the changes.

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