How to install TWRP Recovery without root

İnstall TWRP without root Recovery 

The full format of TWRP is a team win recovery project, which is an open source software that provides a custom Recovery for Android-based devices and assists in installing third-party firmware and bundling the existing system. You can wipe, format, install or backup your system using TWRP.

On an Android device, you don’t have to worry about the device’s status when Rooms, installing or updating new firmware. TWRP is very useful for both developers and those who just want to customize their phone as it allows you to install custom ROMs and kernels, root your device, install various MoDs and many other things on your device.

So how can we install TWRP Recovery on a device without rooting it? Keep reading this article to know that. First of all install TWRP, you will not need to root your device but you will need to unlock the boot loader. So when you unlock the bootloader all your content will be deleted.

Different devices have different methods of unlocking the bootloader, so your mileage will vary.

How to install TWRP Recovery without root? (with PC)

You will need to install the Android SDK tools before installing TWRP . You  can download the appropriate package for your operating system from the Command line tools only section on the Android developers site 

How to install TWRP Recovery without root

After downloading, extract the command line tools to your desired location.

Now you need to download the TWRP images file corresponding to your device. You will get the full list of image files on TWRP’s site.

To unlock developer option from your phone , go to your phone’s settings then About . In the About section, tap Build number seven times before granting access to developer options .

How to install TWRP Recovery without root

Click the back button and then go to the USB debugging section and then click OK.

How to install TWRP Recovery without root

Find enable OEM unlock in the developer options menu and then select the option. The device will prompt you to enter the security code and the status that unlocking the bootloader will disable the device protection feature.

At the start of the device booting this will allow you to unlock the bootloader. Backup all your files data images and settings you want to keep as unlocking the bootloader will delete your data.

Connect a device to your computer using USB-C or micro USB, you will receive a message when you connect your device to your computer. So, tap on Always allow option and then on OK button.

Now you need to install TWRP via command prompt. You need to start a command prompt in the folder where you extracted or installed your Android SDK tools and also place your TWRP image file in the same folder.

Type ADB devices in the command window. After that hit enter to get your device listed.

How to install TWRP Recovery without root

Now type ADB reboot bootloader to reboot the device in fastboot or bootloader mode .

Next, run fastboot flash recovery twrp . Here you have to make sure that you need to change the version of TWRP in this line of code, which corresponds to a device and should be installed on your device. Finally run this code fastboot restart command. You will now be able to boot your device with TWRP custom recovery.

How to install TWRP without PC?

In this case you will need two androids, one must be rooted beforehand. This rooted android will replace a computer to install TWRP and this android needs to have USB OTG support. The other android device must have an unlocked bootloader. You will also need a USB data cable or OTG adapter to connect the devices together.

Here we use an app called Bugjaeger which you can easily find on play stores.

In other words, after installing the application, download the TWRP image file to a suitable device for your device.

How to install TWRP Recovery without root

After downloading, paste it into internal storage or name it so it’s easy to use later.

Now boot the device on which you want to install TWRP recovery in fastboot mode.

How to install TWRP Recovery without root

After starting your device, connect both devices via OTG adapter and USB data cable.

Once connected, a drop-down menu of the Bugjaeger app will appear. Click OK.How to install TWRP Recovery without root

As soon as you click OK, the Bugjaeger application will open automatically. On the left, you can see the Thunder icon at the end of the application . Click on it.

You will now see a blue round button at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on it. Click on “ I understand ” .

How to install TWRP Recovery without root

Then the command window will look just like a PC. Now, you need to write the codes.

First, check if both your devices are connected to each other. To check the “fastboot devices” code and then make it work.

If a serial number will appear on your screen, your device is connected.

Now write the code “fastboot flash recovery” and then add a TWRP image file with a single space. You can see the attached icon at the top and add the file from there.

Tap the play button after plugging in, now you can see the “do command” option. Once complete, your TWRP recovery is installed on your device.

To check if it is installed, type the command “fastboot boot” and then add the TWRP image file again with a single space. Now click the play button, after a few seconds your device will automatically boot up and boot into TWRP recovery.

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