How to Install Windows 11 on Apple M2 Macs: Parallels 18

How to Install Windows 11 on Apple M2 Macs: Parallels 18
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Windows 11 on M2 Macs is INSANE! – 00:00
Save 20% on Windows using SoftwareKeep – 0:39
How great Parallels 18 Windows support is for Macs – 1:45
Geekbench 5 CPU benchmark in Windows 11 – 2:39
Web Browsing Performance Tested in Windows 11 – 3:56
Why else should you buy an M2 Mac for Windows use? – 4:33
Some of the downsides of Parallels 18 (for now) – 5:10
How to Install Windows 11 on M1/M2 Macs using Parallels 18 – 6:28

Xcode Benchmark built for Max Tech by Maxim Eremenko

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34 thoughts on “How to Install Windows 11 on Apple M2 Macs: Parallels 18”

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  2. It's definitely not better because even if the CPU is faster and more efficient, you can't run most stuff. I bought a MBA M1 because I thought I could combine MacOS + Windows on the same laptop. Unfortunately, gaming is impossible on Windows on the Mac. No game I tried worked (including older games from 2007-2010).

  3. the only reason people would use WIndows, is for x86 CPU support. Running Windows on M2 Mac requires the ARM version of windows, which leads to a lot of apps not being compatible with such a Windows, so is useless. I solved this issue just by having a cloud instance of Windows 🙂

  4. Just add a couple hundred more to your mac price considering that you have to buy parallels and the windows license. The price comparison may look like the mac is cheaper but it isn't when you factor in all of those things. Still it's great that the machine can do this.

  5. I would love to see you run your benchmarks on the Apple OS while it's sharing resources with the window OS in parallels.

    For instance, web browsing with a both operating systems running side by side, all at the same time monitoring speed, CPU and RAM usage


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