How to know who unfollowed you on Instagram

Are you losing followers and want to know who they are? Instagram notifies you every time someone starts following your account. However, it doesn’t do the same for those who stop following you. Hence we can say that it is no official method there to check which accounts are no longer interested in our profile. However, if this topic is too important for you, we offer you some alternatives.

For example you can use one manual method use. If you have the complete list of your followers at hand, you can technically check them regularly and then use comparisons to find out which accounts are no longer following you. Of course, this method is very rudimentary. While it is doable, it is not recommended, especially if the follower list is very large.

Another possibility is to use third-party applications or services, who are able to get the list of unfollowed profiles. However, one thing you should be aware of is that according to the Instagram API, offering this type of information is completely prohibited. Therefore, those apps that promise to reveal the accounts that have unfollowed you usually have a short lifespan and end up disappearing. Also, they use unorthodox methods to get the data and can compromise your account security and privacy.

In summary, there is no easy or official way to find out who has unfollowed you. In this case it is a lot more advantageous to use analysis tools like Crowdfireto get data about the performance of your account. Thanks to these services, you can monitor the trend of your followers list and know what kind of posts work for you.

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