How to land faster in Fortnite

Landing fast in Fortnite is one of the first benefitsthat we can get in a Battle Royale game. To get it you must take into account several circumstances that we will explain below.

If we want to land first

If we want to throw ourselves into the village or town right under the bus as soon as it opens its doors, we have to throw us headlong down a steep slope. This way the parachute opens before everyone else and we land first.

Automatic opening of the parachute

Our Parachute opens automatically, once we are a certain number of meters from landing. Therefore we have to calculate well so that we have several hundred meters in front of us before the parachute opens automatically.

The parachute activates automatically at a certain distance from the ground.The parachute activates automatically at a certain distance from the ground.

The relief of the terrain

We must take into account the height of the terrain on which we fall. The automatic opening of the parachute occurs at a certain distance from the ground, not from the sea. In other words, the parachute will open much sooner if we towards the highest point of a mountain fall as if we jump towards the sea.

If we are on flat terrain, we should expect the parachute to move at a distance of about 500 meters opens automatically. If the place is also in the trajectory of the bus, we have to throw ourselves off the bus at a distance of about 900 meters.

If there are mountains or plateaus we can web jump from them so that when the parachute opens we are almost at the same height as the mountain and in a few seconds to reach a high point.

When to jump to reach remote places

If you want to land in a place that is far away from the bus flight path, we recommend that you to mark this place on the map and to jump at the moment when the distance meters slowly start to decrease or even increase because the bus would move us away from the place we want to reach.

On the map we can mark the desired point by touching it with our finger.On the map we can mark the desired point by touching it with our finger.

Of course, in order to reach distant places, we must use the parachute long before auto-activation. Here, too, it is calculated in such a way that the parachute can no longer be removed at approx. 500 meters (on the level).


The moment we jump, our character gets an initial boost that makes him go forward a little faster. Therefore, at long distances, there are players who keep switching on the parachute free fallto take this boost multiple times and get to the point a little sooner. In reality, this technique is hardly noticeable, but while we’re falling we don’t have anything else to do either, so at least we can use it as entertainment.

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