How to level up fast in Fortnite

Our tips for leveling up fast in Fortnite:

complete quests

Of the easiest wayto level up in Fortnite is to complete missions. There are dozens of different missions and we can see them when we tap on the map icon in the middle of a match or in creative mode.

With a tap on the map symbol we get to the menu where we can see the missionsWith a tap on the map symbol we get to the menu where we can see the missions

After tapping we have to Quests tap and see them one by one.

With a tap on quests we get to the list of Fortnite missionsWith a tap on quests we get to the list of Fortnite missions

You have to keep in mind that there are quests of all types and rarities, but not all award the same amount Experience Points (XP). We mainly distinguish between five types of quests:

  • Weekly legendary mission. In the color orange. This mission brings a lot of experience and can only be completed in 7 days. It consists of several phases, so that you can complete it several times in the same week.
  • Weekly epic quests. In the color magenta. Unlike the legendary ones, these don’t have an expiry date and also give a lot of experience. Several new ones are added every week, so we might leave some of them unfinished if we don’t play the week leading up to the Fortnite season change.
  • Daily Missions. In the color green. These missions are easy and give a lot of XP, but they expire in 24 hours.
  • Normal Missions. In the color blue. These missions give the least XP, but they’re practically countless. They will be unlocked as we progress through the season.
  • Special Missions. Different colors. Some missions require certain prerequisites, such as reaching a certain level or purchasing the Battle Pass. Overcoming the obstacles unlocks cosmetic items or XP.

Eliminate many players

If we are very good at Battle Royale and Arena modes, we can level up very quickly with just a few games. If we make it, every game to eliminate a lot of players, we will rise quickly. In other words, the strategy is to go all out against any opponent that moves.

Collections: talk to NPCs, catch fish, find XP coins…

As the seasons progress, Epic Games introduces new items that players can use earn more experience points be able. However, some may be removed and reintroduced as the seasons progress. Completing collections of NPC characters, fish and XP coins brings us several thousand additional experience points.

Talking to NPC characters gives experience pointsTalking to NPC characters gives experience points

Play something every day

It’s no secret that if you play a lot, you’ll end up gaining more experience and therefore leveling up. However, many players fail to reach level 100 each season because they don’t spend enough time on it. When we an hour every day and manage to complete all weekly and daily missions, level 100 is practically guaranteed.

buy levels

Sometimes in Fortnite there is an option to buy levels. If Paid with V-Bucks or real money, the level will be increased automatically. Where possible, the option will appear in the in-game store.

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