How to Limit Monthly Spending in Google Play Store

Google Play allows you in this tool Set a budget for your monthly expenses. This will help you avoid spending you didn’t anticipate. Do you want to know how to do this?

Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet by looking for the icon in your device’s app menu, or the shortcut if it’s available. From the home screen, tap the menu icon marked with three stripes in the upper-left corner.

Three stripes menuThree stripes menu

choose Account in the menu that now appears.

choose accountchoose account

Look at the top tabs and tap the tab Purchase history (purchase history).

Go to Purchase historyGo to Purchase history

Click on the option Set budget).

Press budgetPress budget

Choose an amount and click Save (speichern).

choose amountchoose amount

Now you can see how much you spend monthly and whether you are under or over this amount.

Set monthly expensesSet monthly expenses

From this menu you can also change the budget, once set, by clicking Edit Budget tap, or delete it by tapping Remove Budget type if you have previously set it. In addition, you can see all your past expenses in the Google Play Store application in the purchase history.

This feature can be extremely useful for shopaholics who tend to consume out of control. But keep in mind that limiting your monthly Google Play budget doesn’t stop you from continuing to shop. Instead, each time you purchase content from your account, a message will appear showing you whether you’re about to reach the set amount or if you’ve already exceeded the limit. Also, you can only set your budget in the currency of the country you set in your Google Play account.

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