How to make a sling or bridle in Minecraft

To create a sling (also known as a rein or leash), you’ll need to gather a few materials beforehand:

  • Four units of yarn
  • A slime ball

The thread is easy to obtain, you can get it by eliminating spiders. It is also possible to make it from a spider web. Slime Balls, on the other hand, can be obtained by eliminating Slimes or crafting them from a Slime Block. Once you have these ingredients, go to a workbench and place them as follows:

  • First row: Two threads, one on the wrong side and one in the middle. The right box is left blank.
  • Second row: A thread on the left and the slime ball in the middle. The right square is left blank.
  • Third row: One thread to the right, the other two squares free.

Make a slingMake a sling

This way you get two loops for four threads and slime ball each.

What is the sling used for and how to use it?

The lasso is used to tie animals so you can take them wherever you want. In Minecraft it is possible to tie up several animals at the same time, however, it is necessary to use multiple loops. With the snare ropes, you can tie up any animal except bats and enemy creatures.

To use them, touch an animal once you are near it. This will automatically bind the animal. Steering is very easy, the animal will follow you wherever you go. When the animal is tied you can tap a fence to keep it attached to it. Be careful as the bands do not have infinite resistance, if you move too far away from the animal the band will break.

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