How to make GIFs in WhatsApp to share on Android

WhatsApp includes a native feature that allows users to Create animations using your device’s camera. These are generated in GIF format, a file type widely used on all sorts of social networks and messaging apps. In the following paragraphs we explain how to create a GIF with WhatsApp and how to share it with other applications.

Ideally, you should do the whole process in a soliloquy on the app execute. That way you won’t disturb any of your contacts. You can do this by opening your browser and entering the following URL:


Where we placed the X’s you should enter your phone number. Remember that it is necessary to include the international country code, but not the plus sign.

Start a chat conversation with yourselfStart a chat conversation with yourself

You will then be taken to a one-on-one session with yourself, in which only you will be present. Now it’s time to create your GIF. Tap the camera icon to get started.

Start video recordingStart video recording

Press and hold the shutter button to record a video. You can also use any screenshot stored in your phone’s storage.

Record video to create GIFsRecord video to create GIFs

When you’re done recording, press the GIF icon to send the video as an animated graphics file.

Send video as GIFSend video as GIF

The GIF is now available in the chat conversation. If you want to share it in another application, long press on it to select it, open the three vertical dots menu and tap Share.

Share animation in other applicationsShare animation in other applications

Use the Android Share menu to send the GIF to any compatible application. For example, you can send them by email or Telegram, or upload them to the cloud.

Select application to shareSelect application to share

If you only want to send it via WhatsApp, use the forward button next to the GIF.

Forward GIF via WhatsAppForward GIF via WhatsApp

After you select the contact, your animation will be forwarded. Please note that the above steps can be performed from any conversation. Choose this option if you want to send a GIF directly to a contact.

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