How to make Minecraft run faster on Android

Minecraft might seem like one of the least graphically demanding video games due to the simplicity of its design, but nothing is further from the truth than that. Mojang’s game requires a certain amount of power to run since each world is made up of billions of completely independent blocks. Despite this, the current smartphones and tablets with Android system can run the game perfectly. In case you’re not getting Minecraft running perfectly, here are a few tips for you.

Configure Minecraft to run with minimal graphics

While not usually necessary, it’s possible that Minecraft’s high graphics settings will affect the game’s performance. From the main menu, tap the gear icon to bring up the game settings.

Tap the gear to access SettingsTap the gear to access Settings

Tap the Video tab and adjust the following settings:

For video, you can change the game's graphical optionsFor video, you can change the game’s graphical options

  • Screen Animations: Disabled.
  • Fancy Bubbles: Disabled.
  • Beautiful Skies: Disabled.
  • Smooth Lighting: Disabled.
  • Fancy Graphics: Disabled.
  • Render Distance: Few chunks.

If you set these options, the game should look a lot more primitive, but it should also run smoothly.

Close all other programs and free up memory

Maybe your Android is more than capable of running Minecraft, but when you have a lot of things open at the same time, the game runs very smoothly. In this case, we advise you to do the following:

  • Close all other apps (Google Chrome, Image Gallery, Whatsapp…)
  • If you’re low on storage, try deleting an app or transferring videos and photos to your computer.
  • If your smartphone or tablet isn’t working well in general, sometimes a simple restart can do wonders.
  • Sometimes when an Android is performing exceptionally poorly, formatting (factory reset) is necessary, although this should be the last option as it will erase everything you have stored on your device.

Configure your Android for optimal performance in Minecraft

It may happen that your own Android device is your gaming performance intentionally slowed down. In such a case, you may have installed a performance app similar to Game Booster on Samsung Galaxy devices. With this type of app, you should look for performance settings and choose the highest one, even if it uses more battery.

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