How to make offers and counter offers on Wallapop

Using Wallapop to buy or sell used products is easy once you get used to it. It’s an intuitive app in which we’ll already find many tutorials to understand all the operations. Nevertheless, we will tell you how you do it here an offer and a counter offer what you can do to purchase any product you are interested in and how you can lower the price a bit or at least try to negotiate it with the seller in question.

How to make an offer on Wallapop

To start, all you have to do is access the Wallapop application and choose the product that interests you the most from the wide range available. Once you find it, either directly from the search bar or from the main page, you can click on it and then Click on the Chat tab to speak to the seller.

We explain how to find an interesting product and make an offer to get itWe explain how to find an interesting product and make an offer to get it

From this moment on, a window will appear in which you send any offer to the seller can. If you do that, he (or she) is the person responsible for accepting or declining the offer and asking for a price change; then it’s time to make a counter offer.

How to make a counter offer on Wallapop

When the seller has the opportunity to make offers and counter offers (and not all have this opportunity and therefore sometimes not possible), you can haggle over the price when it comes to paying. Specifically, you see below the payment method you have chosen for the purchase a tab labeled “Contraoferta” (or counter-offer) and “Change price” in green.

It is always easier and more direct to speak directly to the seller. In this way, the seller can change the price of the product and we can buy it for the new amount without having to resort to the “Counteroffer” tab.

Why can’t I make counter offers on Wallapop?

It may happen that the seller does not have the opportunity to make offers for the products offeredso that the counter offer button does not appear on the payment summary screenbut we must per Chat communicate with it to change it as we explained in the previous paragraph.

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