How to make paper in Minecraft

When you get far enough in your Minecraft adventure, you’ll want to broaden your horizons of crafting recipes so you have a handful of ideas for your workbench. This time we tell you all about Paper in Minecraft, both its usefulness and the step-by-step method to craft it. It’s very simple, so just give it a try.

How to make paper in Minecraft

To make paper, we have to think back to how it was done in the old days, with the few materials that we had. And so we go in search of sugar cane to process it and thus obtain the desired leaves. To find this type of plant, you need to look near the water sand blocks, dirt and sometimes grass.

Find Sugar Cane in MinecraftFind Sugar Cane in Minecraft

There is no foolproof formula for finding Sugar Cane as the world is always randomly generated. So you have to explore them and wander around until you come across them and pick them up by hitting them with your empty fist (like any other plant).

Harvest sugar cane in MinecraftHarvest sugar cane in Minecraft

As soon as you Sugar Cane in your inventory have, go to a nearby workbench and place three units in a horizontal row to get up to three sheets of paper. You can repeat the process until you have enough paper for the recipe in question (e.g. you need eight units for a card).

Crafte Papier in MinecraftCrafte Papier in Minecraft

What is paper used for in Minecraft?

Once you’ve created a few sheets of paper and have them in your inventory, you can start more complex recipes like books or maps to create. The Sugarcane, which serves as the starting material, can also be used to make cakes and potions, so make sure you have a good selection of Sugarcane in your pack.

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