How to Make Your Room Look Cool

Creating a Cool Foundation

creating a cool foundation3

1.Lay down or display shag rugs.

A shag rug can be a nice and soft addition to your room’s floor but you may also nail it up on a wall for a unique display. Choose a rug with a unique pattern, shape, or color so that it draws the eye.

2.Add cool pillows to your bed or couch. 

You may be able to find pillows with interesting quotes, pictures, designs, and textures to add to your room. Shop at furniture stores, thrift stores, and online stores. You can also print your own designs onto pillowcases at custom t-shirt stores.

3.Amp up the light for your closet. 

If you find it difficult to see into your closet or you just want to add a splash of light into your room, try adding some fashionable lighting, like twinkling fairy lights or LED light strips. Make it look like you opened the door to another universe or a cool dressing room for a rock band.

  • Use hooks or tape to keep the lights in place. Purchase the lights and hooks at a dollar store or local arts and crafts store. Some lights may come with adhesive tape or hooks.

4.Dress up your walls. 

Use temporary wallpaper that you can purchase at a dollar store or arts and craft store to dress up boring walls. Research online for fun ideas if you are looking for inspiration. You can also cut the wallpaper into shapes, like stars, before placing it on your wall.

  • Make sure to use temporary wallpaper so that you can change the style as often as you please.

Finding Cool and Useful Accessories

creating a cool foundation2

1.Display lava lamps. 

Give your room a psychedelic feel or simply add some colour. You can purchase these lights online or at a vintage store. You may also be able to find them at a thrift store. Try adding two or more to create a symmetrical design or a pattern.

2.Put up old or rustic-looking maps. 

Whether you frame them or just pin them up, old maps can create a certain vintage atmosphere for your room. You may also use them as a pinboard for places that you have traveled. Purchase them online, your local map store, or find them at a thrift store.

3.Display some posters. 

Choose posters of your favourite movies, TV shows, or anime or select interesting designs from other countries. If you are in university or college, there are often poster stores that provide unique designs that resemble artwork. You may even be able to find vintage music poster replicates. Shop online, at a thrift store, or at your local poster store.

  • You may also look for posters at theaters, bookstores, and record stores. Don’t be afraid to ask the owner of a store if you find a poster that catches your eye.

4.Place potted plants around your room. 

Choose unique pots and plants to take advantage of colour and texture. Remember to choose plants that need little maintenance or are fake if you have a busy schedule. Plants add life to a room. Group plants two or more plants together for symmetry or to create a pleasant pattern.

  • If you decide to purchase live plants, remember to water them. A dead or wilted plant is not a great decor choice.

5. Display your pretty jewelry. 

It doesn’t make sense to hide jewelry that you are proud of. Find a display case or jewelry frame that complements your room’s decor to display your jewelry. You may also simply display them in a pattern on the top of your drawer.

6.Hide your chargers. 

You may have a lot of mobile devices along with your lamp, TV, and computer. All the cords may be a nuisance and an eye sore. Purchase some storage for your chargers and cables when they need to be out. Shop online or your local electronics store for displays that keep the cords out of the way while blending in with the rest of your decor.

7. Magnetize your makeup. 

If you have a messy cosmetic bag or just a lot of makeup, simply stick magnets on the products you use often. Store them on a magnetic board by your mirror so that they remain tidy and convenient.

  • Purchase stick on magnets at a dollar store or arts and crafts store.

Personalizing Your Room

creating a cool foundation1

1.Create an activity space. 

Lay down a yoga mat for stretching or yoga, or a rubber mat for weightlifting or more vigorous activities. Designate a corner of your room strictly for activities. You can also make a mini studio complete with motivational quotes or inspirational images for yoga.

2.Add pops of color. 

Instead of painting your entire room a dramatic colour or even a single wall, paint only small accents. For example, you can paint just the inside strip of your door or the sides of your dresser. While the colour may be subtle, the creative process will be fun.

  • You can also add colour in your decorations. You don’t have to paint if you add colourful stuffed animals or cool ornaments.

3.Create fun designs with washi tape. 

Use washi tape around your room in creative designs or intricate patterns. You can purchase a variety of colours and patterns at your local arts and crafts store or your dollar store. Find inspiration online or simply add borders to pictures or posters.

4.Add fairy or LED strip lights. 

Fairy lights and LED light strips can be purchased online, your local hardware store, arts and crafts store, or even dollar store. Frame pictures or create designs with these easy to shape lights. Use hooks or tape to keep them in place.



  • Buy plain photo frames, decorate them and put your old tickets, photos and memorabilia in them.

  • Make sure to add sentimental touches that mean a lot to you.
  • Get a piece of cardboard and stick your photos on it then hang it on your wall.

  • Use lots of letters around the room eg. spell out your name.
  • On one wall you should try creating a news wall relating to your passions or hobbies. For example, if you like fashion, put up some articles about fashion and put up pictures.

  • Hang some cool shirts, if you’ve outgrown them.
  • If you’re using fairy lights, the best place to put them is above your bed. It will look absolutely beautiful when your bed is made and the lights are dimmed.

  • Add lighting. Lights can add energy especially if you choose different colours and designs.
  • Create DIY decorations that match your room’s theme.

  • Always have a bulletin board! You could put pictures, movie tickets, or anything memorable. It will catch your friend’s eyes.
  • You should add some sort of desk in a blank, boring corner or other room appropriate items depending upon space available such as beds, bookshelves, artifacts, flower vase, guitar etc.

  • Add shelves to put books and games on!
  • If you want a cute look to your room, use light pastel colours. Pink, light blue, and purple are good examples. For Gothic rooms, use reds, blacks, and greys, for example.

  • Display any awards or trophies you’ve won. This can help boost your self-confidence.


  • Make sure you get the okay from your parents or landlord if you are planning to paint walls or furniture.
  • Ask a family member to help you paint your walls for you if you’re young.

  • If you want to paint the fan, clean it first so that the paint stays and looks clean.
  • Try to keep paint away from younger kids and pets, as it may contain lead or other toxic ingredients.





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