How to manage subscriptions on Google Play

Subscriptions on Google Play allow us to regularly pay for the use of certain services or applications, such as B. Google Drive or Evernote. Find and open the Google Play app in your Android’s app menu or in the shortcuts if it’s currently active. Tap the menu icon with three stripes in the upper-left corner.

Go to the Google Play menuGo to the Google Play menu

Search for in the menu that opens Subscriptions and tap on this option.

Switch to subscriptionsSwitch to subscriptions

The next screen will show you all your subscriptions. Tap each subscription to manage it however you like.

List of own subscriptionsList of own subscriptions

To cancel a subscription, just tap Cancel subscription (cancel subscription). You can access the content for the remainder of the paid period, but not after that.

Option to cancel a subscriptionOption to cancel a subscription

To pause a subscription, tap the one you want to end, select Manage and then Pause. Choose how long you want to suspend the subscription and press again to confirm. If you want to unsubscribe, tap it again in that menu, choose Manage and then Resume (continue).

If you want to restore an active subscription, tap the relevant subscription and then tap Restore (restore). To continue an expired subscription, you need to sign up again by searching for the application in Google Play, selecting a payment method and tapping the subscribe button. From this menu, you also have the ability to change subscriptions, change their frequency, review your renewal dates, and even change the associated payment method. However, it is possible that the option to change subscription does not appear because some applications do not allow you to change the payment frequency.

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