How to multiply villagers in Minecraft

The first step for multiplying villagers in Minecraft is to bringing two of them together in the same house or some other closed place. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to make sure that one of the villagers a job Has. If none have one, place a job block (lectern, composter, cauldron…) near one of them and it will automatically take over that job.

The next step is to set up beds. There should be two for the couple and an additional one for each child you want to create. Finally, you must feed the villagers. If you throw multiple stacks near them, they will eventually share the food, and that will cause some hearts to appear. After a short while a child will also appear. In total we can raise up to two children a day, which is no small feat. However, the trick only works during the day, never at night.

How to bring the villagers together

Matching two villagers is not difficult, but it may take some time. The first, indispensable requirement is that to find a village. You may have to take a long walk to find one. Once you find the village you will see that there are several villagers. Now the hard part is gathering them in one place. Our recommendation is to place several blocks around each one to “to capture‘ so they can’t move.

The next step is to build a walled path connecting the two villagers. The next step is to open a corner where the two come out and meet be able. Avoid making the space too big, otherwise the figures will not come together as easily as desired.

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