How to Mute WhatsApp: Conversations, Groups and Contacts

If you’re one of those people who use WhatsApp extensively, it’s likely that at some point you’ll annoyed by the high number of notifications you receive are you. A good way to avoid this is to mute the notifications you receive on your phone. This way the notifications will continue to arrive, but silently.

How to mute a conversation and contact

The muting process is exactly the same for conversations and contacts in WhatsApp. When you turn off notifications in a chat, you’re actually muting the contact you’re having the conversation with.

If you want to mute a contact, first open a conversation with them. Then tap the button with the three dots to open the context menu.

Open menu in a chatOpen menu in a chat

Among the available options you will find Mute notifications (mute notifications). Tap to continue.

Mute notificationsMute notifications

In the pop-up dialog, select the length of time you want to mute the contact. If you want this setting to last indefinitely, choose Always. Don’t forget the check box Show notifications turn on ads to continue receiving notifications on your device.

select time spanselect time span

By configuring conversation notifications in this way, the contact is muted. However, you will still receive notifications on your phone as soon as there are new messages.

How to mute a group

Muting a group is very easy. In fact, it is a similar process to the one described above. Open the group’s menu by tapping the three vertical dots.

Open menu in a groupOpen menu in a group

tap Mute notifications.

Mute groupMute group

From the list of options you see on the screen, select the time you want this restriction to apply. Activate the field Show notificationsif you want to continue receiving notifications from the group.

Choose the amount of time the group will be mutedChoose the amount of time the group will be muted

As described above, notifications arriving on your phone will now be silent.

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