How to number pages in Word

When a document gets longer, the pagination a way to improve navigation within the document. In Microsoft Word, this feature is very easy to use. Just go to the area Insert (Insert).

Insert content sectionInsert content section

Once all the options related to inserting elements and content appear, look for the button Page Number (page number).

Insert page numberInsert page number

In the pop-up menu you will see four options:

  • Top of Page. Select this to add numbering to the header of each page.
  • Bottom of Page (bottom of page). Use this button to select layouts that include numbering in the footer.
  • Page Margins (margins). This option adds sequential numbering to the edges of the document.
  • Current Position (Actual position). This button numbers each page at the current cursor position.

Once you have decided on the most suitable option in your case, choose the predefined design that you like the most.

Select the position of the page numberSelect the position of the page number

Once you’ve completed these steps, all of the pages in your document will be numbered. You can set other parameters related to page numbers in the menu Page Number (page number) change. You can find them in Header & Footer tab. There you choose the option Format Page Numbers.

page number formatpage number format

A few options are available to you in the pop-up window. For example, you can change the format of the numbers, add the chapter number, or start the numbering at a certain point.

Page count optionsPage count options

Additionally, it is possible to ask Word which first page not to be numbered. This option is required when the first page is used as a table of contents or cover sheet. Go to the rider Header & Footer (header and footer) and click options. Check the box there Different First Page.

Remove page number from first sheetRemove page number from first sheet

At this point, Microsoft Word will begin numbering from the second page of the document you are editing.

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