How to open eMule ports on your router

One of the almost mandatory tasks that you must do before using eMule is to open the ports used by this application in your router. Before we start, we have to warn you that the steps to follow may vary depending on the make and model of your device. However, this guide will successfully guide you through the process in your case. First of all, it is important that you know which ports eMule uses. So click Option.

Open eMule settingsOpen eMule settings

Then open the section Connection. Memorize the port numbers or copy them into a blank document.

Check portsCheck ports

Now go to the address in your browser. Please note that this address may vary depending on the make and model of your router. You can look up this information in the router’s manual. Now enter the username and password to access the device management window.

Access to the configuration of the routerAccess to the configuration of the router

Search for the section Port Triggering or something like that.

Port opening sectionPort opening section

To add a new port to the list use the button Add.

Add new portAdd new port

Since you only need to open a specific port, just enter the TCP port number that you copied from the eMule configuration section. You have to do this in the boxes Start Port, End Port, Open Start Port and Open End Port do. Use the field name, um to give a name.

Open TCP portOpen TCP port

When you’re done, use Applyto save your changes.

confirm the changesconfirm the changes

Then click again Add and choose UDP from the drop down menu.

Open UDP portOpen UDP port

Copy the second number you received from eMule and follow the instructions above. Don’t forget the field Name to fill out Then use Apply to save the changes.

reapply changesreapply changes

This way the ports that eMule uses will be open. Now you can enjoy a better connection and faster downloads.

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