How to Play PUBG Mobile Better? PUBG Mobile Tips

How to Play PUBG Better? PUBG Mobile Tips

How to Play PUBG Mobile Better? PUBG Mobile Tips

PUBG Mobile has been a favorite of gamers in recent years. Since it is a tactical game, there are also important tricks. If you have immersed yourself in playing PUBG Mobile, “How to play PUBG Mobile better?” It means you’re wondering too. With a few settings changes at the beginning, you quickly became a league jumper. Don’t forget to read our tips as you continue your PUBG Mobile adventure!


As the players land from the plane to the field, the fierce battle begins! Those who play PUBG Mobile know very well that the hardest thing in this game is to survive. At this point, we would like to give you a few very important tips that will give you victory. With these tricks that will allow you to survive in this wild environment and change the course of the game, it is inevitable to come first!

How to Play PUBG Mobile Well?

How to Play PUBG Mobile Well

To become a better player in PUBG Mobile, you need to make some preparations before starting the match. After that, there are important points that you should pay attention to while playing the game. You can become a better PUBG Mobile player with just a little preparation and strategy. In your mind, “ How to be the first in PUBG Mobile ?” If there is a question, here is the answer…


Since the game is designed with realistic graphics that resemble computer games, you may encounter problems such as heating, stuttering and freezing on your device. For this reason, you should adjust the PUBG Mobile graphics settings in order not to fall behind your competitors and to be the first in PUBG Mobile .

  • In the “Settings” menu, click the “Graphics” option, set this setting to “Smooth” and set the “Frame Rate” to “Extreme”.
  • You can compensate for this by changing the “Style” option to “Color” as the image quality will drop a bit.

2-Browse Your Controls

  • First of all, you can use “Single Controller Mode” instead of the default button layout for vehicle use. We have previously explained the PUBG Mobile control settings in detail. You can access the article here.
  • In addition, the “Aim Assist” feature also provides you convenience.
  • It is extremely important that you activate the “Rear & Shoot” option. This way, you can aim and shoot without having to completely remove yourself from your hiding place.
  • Handgun Rifle and Crossbow Shooting Modes also provide you convenience when using the weapons you need to install after shooting. It becomes ready to shoot with a single button and opens your scope, if any.
  • Pump Shot Mode is also useful for your shots.

3-Hurry to Find Weapons

How to be the first in PUBG Mobile

  • The sooner you get a weapon, the sooner you start killing your opponents.
  • By looking at the number of players on the plane, you can land where fewer players land and collect equipment.

4-Review Your Map

  • The map in the upper right corner of your screen helps you a lot. It is something that you should pay attention to from the very beginning.
  • You can move and take position by following the direction of the plane, the area where the match will be narrowed and the areas to be bombed, thanks to the map.
  • You can also find equipment in areas marked in yellow on your map.
  • When you’re ambushed, you can check your map to see the firing direction and the location of other players.

5-Determine a Game Strategy

Screenshot 2 2

You can adopt one of two different strategies while playing PUBG Mobile. “ How to become a pro in PUBG Mobile ?” You can choose the one closest to you from these two strategies.

Constant Conflicts:

  • If you are thinking of constantly fighting and killing, you should choose your weapon accordingly. Make sure you have enough ammo and weapons.
  • Be sure to have 1 or 2 grenades. In this way, you can easily defeat the ambush.
  • As far as possible, stay in the open so that you can see it from all four sides. As you adopt this strategy, you will need to act constantly, but you should avoid being an obvious target.
  • Always aim at the head and shoot. You deal more damage to your opponents.


  • If you have decided to play the game by hiding, you should get a sniper rifle. For a second weapon, the automatic M16 will suffice.
  • Always keep your back towards a building, tree, car or any other object and close your line of sight.
  • Try to follow the narrowing circle from the outside. Since everyone will be aimed at the middle, you can have a wider view by focusing on the outside. When the playing field narrows, it makes the most sense to act a little more quietly and sneakily!


6-Drive Vehicle

Try to find a vehicle as soon as possible. You will be safer inside the vehicle and more dangerous for your opponents.

How to Skip a League in PUBG Mobile?

Screenshot 3 2

The points you earn according to your success in the game determine your rank. In PUBG Mobile leagues, there is generally “100” points between each level. Accordingly, with the total points you get, you can go up to a higher rank or drop to a lower rank.

Each game mode you play solo, in co-op or as a team has its own ranks. There are 8 ranks that change according to their scores. The ranks, except for the “Ace” and “Conqueror” ones, consist of 5 levels. So, how to become an ace in PUBG Mobile ? Here are the rank points:

  • Bronze: 1200 – 1699 points
  • Silver: 1700 – 2199 points
  • Gold: 2200 – 2699 points
  • Platinum: 2700 – 3199 points
  • Diamonds: 3200 – 3699 points
  • Crown: 3700 – 4199 points
  • AS: There is a server rank. After that, the first 500 players reach the rank of Fatih.
  • FATIH: There is a server order. This tier is updated daily at 00:00.

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