How to prevent Android apps from updating automatically

If you don’t want your Android applications to update automatically, open the Google Play application from your device’s app menu or from the shortcut if it has one. From the home screen, tap the three lines icon in the top left corner.

Open Google Play Store menuOpen Google Play Store menu

In the menu that opens, tap settings.

select settingsselect settings

in section General you will see a tool called Update apps automatically. Tap to choose your preferred option.

Click Auto update appsClick Auto update apps

A new window will open with three options. Update apps automatically while connected to a network, update only over Wi-Fi, or don’t update apps automatically. Choose this last option Don’t update apps automatically. Now Google Play will regularly notify you when updates are available, but you now have to install them manually.

Select no auto-update for appsSelect no auto-update for apps

If you want to prevent a specific app from updating itself, the following steps are different. Use the search engine to find the file of the apps you already have installed. After opening the file, touch the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner.

Tap the icon in the top right cornerTap the icon in the top right corner

If you don’t want these apps to update themselves, uncheck the box Enable automatic update. This way, this app will not be automatically updated, but the rest of what you have installed on your device will continue to be updated.

Uncheck the boxUncheck the box

Most users prefer apps to be automatically updated to implement security and not have to worry about doing it manually. However, other consumers choose to manually select the updates to filter and not wasting space in the device memory to consume.

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