How to Put Password on USB Flash Memory?

How to Put Password on USB Flash Memory?

Recently, as the capacities of USB memory sticks have increased and their prices have decreased, they have become indispensable for users. Most people keep their important files, photos, videos, etc. USB sticks are stored. So far, so good. But what if these USB sticks fall into the hands of foreigners? They can access your private files…

If you are storing your private files on USB sticks, it would be a good choice to set a password. In this article, we  will explain how to put a password on a USB flash drive .

Thanks to a free program called Rohos Mini Drive , you can easily set passwords on your USB sticks. After downloading the program and installing your computer, you can complete the encryption process by selecting the usb memory. Creating an encrypted partition takes an average of 10-15 minutes.

After completing the encryption process, you can remove the program from your computer. An independent rohos mini drive has already been installed on your usb memory.

You can access the encrypted partition at any time with the .exe file on your USB memory stick .

Download Rohos Mini Drive

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