How to recognize genuine Samsung products?

Many fake Samsung products have appeared on the market recently . Pay attention to what is written here in order not to be the victim of counterfeit products sold under the original Samsung product name.

Products purchased from unofficial internet or physical store outlets are likely to be counterfeit products. For this reason, we recommend that you buy your products from official sales points.

Original Samsung products , to distinguish them from fake Samsung products refer to the following examples.

1-How to Understand Samsung Original Chargers?

  • The country code of the manufacturer is not spelled correctly on the counterfeit (eg MADE INVIE TNANIC).



  • There is no space between words in the fake product. (For example, TRAVELADAPTER, 1.67Aor)



  • There is no address on the counterfeit charger.


  • The counterfeit contains unnecessary text (eg AW).


  • The wrong logo is printed on the counterfeit charger (eg GALAXY).


How to Understand Samsung Original Wireless Chargers?

  • An incorrect SAMSUNG logo is used on counterfeit wireless chargers (eg SAMSUMG).

Original-Samsung-products-how to understand-5


  • The word SAMSUNG printed on the counterfeit is left-aligned.
  • A genuine cooling fan works correctly during fast charging. A fake cooling fan will not work properly.


2-How to understand AKG Samsung original headphones and fake ears?

  • The AKG logo on the fake earpiece is not printed properly.
  • The letter R is engraved on the original product, the letter L is embossed; whereas the letters R and L are embossed on the fake product.
  • The holes on the fake earbud are covered and there is no engraved Samsung logo on the plug.

Original-Samsung-products-how to understand-7

3-How to understand Wearable Original Samsung products?

  • Icon X design is different on counterfeit products (L and R positions are different) and there is no SAMSUNG on it.


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