How to Record Samsung Phone Call? (Rooted)

How to Record Samsung Phone call ? You can immediately activate the hidden ” voice recording ” feature of the Phone ” application of Samsung Galaxy smartphones with a simple edit . The only requirement is that your phone is rooted !

Samsung Phone Call Recording

Call recording is one of the core features in smartphones, which allows you to record the call, collect memories with loved ones or future references. However, call recording is not legal in some countries. Most countries and states allow recording voice calls without any jurisdiction restrictions.

However, some countries believe that call recording is a major threat to the privacy of citizens, so they have had to ban it altogether. Unfortunately, smartphone manufacturers are those in a dilemma about whether to include call recording on their devices, and it is not possible to design devices by region, except in a few specific markets where there are smartphone manufacturers. They are interested in broadcasting different variants of international devices.

In this gloomy situation, most international smartphone manufacturers are doing their best as a whole, completely abandoning the call recording option or disabling it by region. Samsung picks the disable event according to the regions. So if you suffer from the absence of call recording feature on your device, we would like to let you know that this can be easily activated!

Member named tdunham from XDA smartphone developer forum made an attempt to enable call recording on Galaxy S5 with a simple hack. The hack is based on Galaxy S5 deodexed ND2 firmware, but hopefully it can work on other Samsung smartphones as well, but it’s up to you to test it and we are not responsible for any misfortune. Follow the simple guide below to enable call recording on your Galaxy S5 or any other model (S7 for example). Do not forget to backup your data on your phone before performing this hack !

Instructions to Enable Phone Call Recording Feature on Samsung Galaxy’s

  • All operations that directly affect system files such as root, bootloader unlock, custom rom loading, custom recovery, modified file flashing, and modification upload will void your device from warranty. If you want to get your warranty back, you must go back to the original rom.
  • Using this explanation, you are solely responsible for any damage you cause to your device !
  • Make sure to make a backup before following the things described in this article  . If you do not know how to make a backup, you can look at the explanation on this link .

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The Following Should Be On Your Phone

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1. Get ES File Manager and learn to use it. You can check our guide at this link to learn how to use it . We will perform the next process from within this application.

2. From the root directory, go to the  / system / csc /  folder and find the  feature.xml file. If there is no such file, find the file others.xml in the same directory .

3. Open the relevant file with a text editor. Then find the </FeatureSet> code in the relevant file. Scroll this code one line down by moving the line pointer to the far left of this code and pressing the Enter key on your virtual keyboard. After doing this, you will have created a blank line in the top line of the relevant code. Here, copy and paste the following code into that blank line:


The visual of the transaction while performing this process is as follows:


4. If you placed the above code above the </FeatureSet> code, save and exit the text editor and restart your phone.

5. After your phone is switched on, call any of your contacts. During the search, if the Record button appears as in the representative screenshot below, it means the operation was successfully completed:

You can configure it the way you want by entering the Save Calls option in the Settings of the Phone app on your Samsung Galaxy :


I used this thread on the XDA-Forum while preparing this article . Thank you for your attention.

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