How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files in Windows 10

To recover files that you accidentally deleted, you need to use a tool called Recuva. Before we begin, however, we must warn you that this process is not foolproof and some files may be lost forever. it is important, that you your computer after accidental deletion used as little as possible. This prevents other files from taking the place of the deleted documents.

Start downloading Recuva. You can use the link further down on this page.

Then start the installation file and click on Install.

Install RecuvaInstall Recuva

To start the program use the button Run Recuva.

Recuva startRecuva start

A wizard will then appear on the screen to help you recover your lost files. Click on next to continue.

Recovery WizardRecovery Wizard

Choose the type of files you want to recover. To view all file types, select All Files.

Choosing the file typeChoosing the file type

Choose the location where Recuva should search for deleted files. If you don’t are where the missing files were previously, you can use the option I’m not sure to use. The rest of the options allow you to scan external devices, the Documents folder, the Recycle Bin, a specific folder, a CD, or a DVD.

Folder to search for deleted filesFolder to search for deleted files

The next step is to click Startto start the process.

start scanstart scan

Once Recuva is done, it will display a list of all deleted files that can be recovered. To begin restoring, click and tick the box to the left of each item you wish to restore. Then click Recover.

Select files to restoreSelect files to restore

Finally, select the destination folder to put the deleted files there. Recuva will restore them and copy them to the chosen directory. Although this process usually completes successfully, you should note that the recovered files sometimes damaged or may be unusable.

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